How your laptop / Desktop auto shutdown after 1 hour?

Why we need Auto shutdown PC?

Sometime when you are copying huge data from external HDD to Laptop. That is showing it will take 1 hour to complete copy. That time suppose your friend or family member called up. In urgency, you need to go outside. In this situation to abort the process or leave the system on. But leaving system open is risky. Your child or pets may damage your device.

Auto Shutdown in Windows

Few methods we are sharing which will help you to save your time and electricity.

We are human beings sometime we may forget to shut down our computer.
Auto shut down in future option in windows is very helpful for us. Here are the different options available. Use anyone option to make your life easy. It will not only save your time and also save electricity.

How to Auto Shutdown PC

Option 1

Shutdowntool.exe / download a setup copy this in your desktop and install. You will get an option to set shutdown time as per your need.
It will show you countdown when the system gets shut down. Also, there will be an option to abort the process. During that time you can save open files and folders.

Auto Shutdown Pc

Option 2

Right Click on your Desktop -> New-> Shortcut. You will get the following screen which will ask you “What item would you like to create a shortcut for”.

Shutdown commandYou need to enter code command line shutdown -s -t 600. 600 means 600 seconds so 60sec=1 minute and 10*60sec=600 seconds. Using this command Computer your pc gets shut down after 10 minutes.  After entering shutdown –s -600 command, one shortcut will appear on your desktop. Keep this shortcut application for future uses. You need to just double click this shortcut icon. It will auto start countdown for shutdown the PC.

Shutdown count down

Similarly, you can set time as per your requirement for 1-hour type 3600 instead of 600. Right click on the same icon and set 600 to any number i.e 3600 (1 hour).

Option 3

Remember command shutdown –s –t 600 command and type on run command it will work similar to Option 2.

Run command promptIf by mistaken option 2 and 3 processed. Now you thought you don’t need to shutdown pc. For Stopping this process/countdown go again to Command prompt run type Shutdown -a.

Shutdown –a will abort your existing commands which are by mistaken processed for the shutdown.


We face such situation that is why thought this could be helpful for everyone. Hope you will use this feature and take benefits. Share this informative article to your friend’s and family maybe this would be similarly useful for them.

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