How to use Scanner in HP MFP Printer

A scan is one of the most useful features in our day to day life for Scanning a personal old photo, and old document to store in Cloud. For the student, Professional and office everywhere we are using scanners.  

Scan a photo or document in HP MFP Printer

Open scanner cover area (Glass surface upper cover area). Scan a document or image file to save in tiff, PNG or jpg format. The user has the option to save the multi-page document into a single file or individual files for each page as per requirements. Ensure that your printer is power on and must relate to the Laptop or Pc.

HP Multi-Functional Printer
HP Multi-Functional Printer

Steps to user HP MFP Printer to use for Scanning:

  1. Open The scanner cover flap
  2. Place the document to be scanned face down on the scanner panel. Check the documents needs to be properly placed on the surface. Match the ruler of the scanner and keep the document in the left side without any gap in between glass and ruler of the scanner.
  3. Now close the cover down.
  4. Now leave the printer go to your pc area and search for Scan app or printer package there would be an option to choose scan to ICON. (Ensure that you had installed full package or the printer driver)
  5. Now an application will open as shown in the following screenshot – Select the option and features as per your requirement.   i.e. file type, Filename and file location set.
Scanning Application for HP Printer
Scanning Application for HP Printer

Set the location where the documents need to be stored once scanned. You need to explore the application to get additional useful features.

Now the task is completed press the Scan button of the Printer. Scanning gets started and all the process with appearing in your desktop screen.


This article will help non-technical home users to use a useful feature of the HP Multi-Functional printer. We are sharing the article based on HP 1136MFP printer. With other printers, the process may slightly differ. Share us your concern our team will help you free of the cost with detailed guides.

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