How to type Hindi in Windows pc– Microsoft Indic Input Tool (ILIT)

Best app for typing in Hindi or in many other native languages like Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Bengali language in a document. No needs to higher a native language typing expert. Be your own writer. How to type in other language? As English is main language of

The best alternate of Google Indic app is Microsoft Indic input tool

This app is coming to replace google Indic, which is no longer available to use in Desktop PC.  The Microsoft Indic Language Input Tools (ILIT) – Bhasha is working perfectly to type in your own native language hassle-free.

Google has removed its Indic simple type tool for windows desktop using this you’ll do type in your language. A couple of years back we checked google launch this nice app for android and windows also. But now Google has removed windows version.

After searching and google we found to satisfy the need of language users around. Microsoft launched its own Download Microsoft Indic language tools. As I do download this Microsoft Indic tool it’s working almost like google Indic. Even you don’t get to download the plugin for browsers separately to type native words.

Microsoft Indic Input Tool (ILIT) - Bhasha

How Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool helps us?

This small utility helps us to type in our language it’ll suggest you select the proper word from the list. This helps you enter Indian language text easily into any Microsoft Windows applications. Like Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, or within the web text box. The first input mechanism may be a transcript. Moreover, it provides a visible keyboard to help with editing words that don’t transliterate properly.

Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool Supports

Bhasha Microsoft Indic language pack available different versions and different setup you would like to download as per your windows and MS Office version suites.

Indic a Microsoft Bhasha (भाषा) for India

World one of the best It company Microsoft sees the need and user base of their products in India. Bhasha (Language) page with many other tools aside from Microsoft Indic Language Input Tools (ILIT) has been added. i.e. Indic Inscript Tutor, Inscript Keyboards from CDAC, Rupee support for Windows, Developer Services Kits, Font Tools, RBI Smart Tag, and Bilingual Smart tag dictionaries (English-Hindi), etc.

Install Microsoft Indic Tool Step by Step

Download Microsoft Indic Tool

Install like any other software we are assuming you are familiar with other software’s. The installation process may ask you to accept or next and finally finish the steps.

Microsoft ILIT Installation

Now run the downloaded offline installer. Stepwise step option and accept – next – finish / Close steps.

Setup Hindi Keyboards for Hindi Typing

Go to Control panel — Regional and language – Keyboard and language — Change keyboard and after that, you will get the following screen. Make the changes as explained in the following screenshot.

Setup Hindi Keyboard for Hindi typing

After installation process completed you will get following screen with multiple language options. Select from the notification area icon as follows:

Select Microsoft Indic Language

Select Microsoft Indic language instead of default English (United States US Keyboard). now you have the freedom to type as follows:

Output of Hindi Typing

Type in roman language it will automatically suggest you to choose. What you are trying to type.

Please Download Microsoft Indic

Final findings

This tool is one of the best Hindi or any other selective language type software besides any other paid software. Microsoft Bhasha (भाषा) supports all Windows Operating Systems.  Visit the official websites to learn more about this handy tool.

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