How to set default search as google in Microsoft New Edge browser

The new Microsoft Edge is powered by the same open-source technology as Google Chrome. Providing the best in class web and extension compatibility. But in this browser predefined default browser is Bing. And most of the people like to search on google which is the world’s most and top search engine. Google gives better search results as compared to any search engine.

Google Search

As we see that the new Microsoft Edge is similar functions and features as Google chrome. Even it is faster and secure as per Microsoft documents and users’ experiences.

In this small tutorial based article we will show you. How to set Google search as the default search engine in the New Microsoft Edge browser.

How to set default search engine like Google search


1. First, open the New Microsoft Edge internet browser

Microsoft New Edge Browser

2. Go to Settings of browser by tapping the three-dot button of the top right.

Microsoft Edge settings

4. Select Privacy and Services from the left pane/widget and scroll down the page. And go to the services section.

Click Address bar and Tab the drop-down. And scroll down and select your favorite search engine google. There is also an option to make other search engines as default.

In this section, Microsoft New Edge displays many other sites/apps. Such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, DuckDuckGo, Google Drive, YouTube, and Facebook. Few more sites also may get available in this list which is based on your search behavior.

A quick option to Set default search engine as Google


1. Go to Settings as shared in the above options

2. from the left-most pane /widget and type in the search box under Settings

Left Pane

3. Type simple text ‘Bing’ as shown in the following screenshot. Now Select the address bar and select your favorite search engine from the dropdown.

Search address bar

It is done now. Whenever you type any query into the address bar of the New Microsoft Edge browser. Now any fresh tab address bar, the result comes out from the google search. Instead of Bing or any other search engine. Now the New Microsoft Edge will use your preferred search engine.

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