How to run a program from Command Prompt

Run a program from – Run Dialog box

In windows to search a problem all the time to use is a little difficult. To make this process fast, you need to create a shortcut of the program in desktop and taskbar. Run the same from Run Command.

Press Windows Key+R following box will open type the name of the program you want to open. i.e we are trying to open Thunderbird (One of the popular mail client) press enter. The application will start in a few seconds.

Software not opening through a Run command in Windows:

If any software or windows, the program is not opening direct.
What do we need to do? To open a Program from the Command prompt.

To make your life easy to open any program from the command prompt. Here we are explaining the processes. This will create an accessible shortcut of a windows program/software.

Steps to set a program for command prompt accessible

Add Program / Shortcut in Path

Add the program to your %PATH% variable example

Add Program / Shortcut in Path

Now the software/application Anydesk.exe is accessible. And running through Run Dialog box command.

Register Program / Software via Control panel

Adding Thunderbird.exe (or any_program.exe) to path process following steps:

  1. Go to “Control Panel” –>“Advanced System Settings”
  2. Go to the Advanced tab –> Environment Variables
  3. Select the path and press Edit.
  4. Press New and page complete path along with (.exe )
  5. You can now use Thunderbird.exe in the Run dialogue box (Recommended to restart once your machine to get this update)
Register Program / Software via Control panel

Using complete path registration – Command Prompt

Register your software/application to set for quick open access.
This process is DOS-based CMD to do this instead of GUI.
Making Executable File Location Available in CMD i.e. Creating a PATH Variable:

Here is the scenario to open thunderbird through the run dialogue box. Following two command line in MS-Dos screen.

SET Thunderbird=”C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe”

After the above commands you will able to run Thunderbird directly from Run dialogue box Press Windows+R key as follows:


Most of the software gets automatically registered through the above processes. But whenever you face any difficulties to run the program via Run Dialog this article will help you. We as responsible blogger always trying to share articles which will make your life easy.

Share your valuable feedback, comments and problems we will short out.

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