How to identify Spam mail ?

Identify a Spam mail :

One of our teammate received a spam mail. The mail contains an attachment. This mail is spam and danger! for a Computer System. 

We observe some anonymous characters and formats of the mail. This mail has an attachment that could be a Ransomware or virus-related contents. Such type of emails are mushrooming these days. Some time hacker sending email via proper or using which even mail server not able to trace or block.

Spam mail example
Spam mail example

Virus contents email identification points:

  • Check the time of sending an email and check the email address of the sender. Check if he ever sends you an email using this ID or not. (On this mail sender sending mail at midnight 1.12 am and email id not relevant with his name)
  • Check domain which is not relevant to the company name.
  • Invoice number mentioned 74 lac for the month of 06 June which is irrelevant series.
  • Same series invoice number is huge differences
  • Email is not opened with HI, Dear etc. most of the business mail always comes with marked to someone.
  • Email domain is different and invoice location URL is different. Maybe correct, but INV8938396886319686 this is mentioned on URL is different.
  • Letter ending not properly as per business standard email.
  • Most important the outlook marked this mail as SPAM itself.
  • Don’t try to open or white list even such mail received from relevant sources. Maybe the sender system is infected and sending anonymous emails.
  • Gmail users – Although Gmail is world best and secure mail platform sometimes you may receive such emails as spam marked. Don’t try to move such emails in your inbox.


In conclusion, Spam and virus contents mail formats these days totally changed. You may receive such emails looks like business communication. One of the examples is sharing for your precautions.

Hope this blog will help you and protect your system for spam mail attack. Share this knowledge-based article to everyone in your network family and friends and make them aware.

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