How to Get the MAC Address of Mobile and PC?

The media access control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier as assigned to a network card of a device (NIC). The use of a network address in communications across the network. Mac the unique address of your device like you have a unique home address as is.  


More about MAC Address

As the MAC address is available in all the network connected devices I.e computer or mobile and tablets.  The mac Address consist of global unique 48 bit alpha numeric combination have 12 hexadecimal  characters.  MAC of any device have 6 groups characters separated by a hyphen (-) someplace is separated by colon (;).  i.e  kb-ld-ef-15-19-57.

Based on MAC address you can allow / block devices to get access of your network.

How do I find the MAC Address of Android Mobile and Tablet?

Please follow these instructions to find the MAC Address of your Android phone or tablet:

  1. Swipe down the screen from the top of your mobile.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon will looks like a gear.
  3. Go the the wireless & Network or about the Device section.
  4. Select now Wi-Fi settings or in some devices under hardware info.
  5. On Some devices you have to first connect Wi-Fi with the device then only MAC id get visible.

How to check MAC address on iOS devices

Steps to check the mac address of an iOS device (iPhone, iPod)

  1. Go to settings button will looks like as follows:
Apple device settings
  • Select General General option in apple device shows basic details about the iphone.
iPhone Settings
  • Select About
  • In the iOS it will shows as Wifi Address of the device. All the Detail about the iOS device along with MAC id you can see on the screen.

Due to security point of view are can share the the last screen content MAC address.

Get the MAC address of Windows Machine

No needs to here and there to search options.  Open the command prompt a black screen as follows just type cmd in windows search bar

Step 1 : go to windows search and type CMD

Run Command Prompt app

Step 2 type GETMAC or IPCONFIG/all and press enter

Now time to run the command to get easily MAC address of Windows Laptop or desktop device

MAC detail
ipconfig / all and mac detail
ipconfig /all

All the network NIC mac address will get appeared on you screen just scroll down.

Get MAC address detail of Apple macOS Device Macbook or MAC pc

  1. Open Apple default menu
  2. Go to system preferences
  3. Network
  4. Go to Wifi Section
  5. Go to Advanced and you will get the MAC id of Apple macOS device
MAC Wifi setting and mac address

How To get MAC address information of Linux OS

Now the Final and last operating system is Linux. Even though Linux users are less but still Kali Linux very popular penetration OS,Ubuntu client and server and Redhat for Server are few very popular operating system exist.

As Linux machines are also works with Internet and Network. There is also NIC card exist. Now the time to Expended detail of Linux Device MAC address

Similar to Windows DOS in Linux have terminal where you can directly type the command to get detail about Linux OS MAC address easily.

Steps Search under apps Terminal

  • Open Terminal ( Ctrl+Alt+T)
  • Copy the following code:  ifconfig | grep HWaddr
  • And, paste in the terminal ( Ctrl+Shift+V ).

Type command ifconfig -a and press enter

Terminal command for MAC address

Now HWaddr address get appeared in the black screen. The command may not work in many machine don’t get panic check the system privileged for running Terminal commands.

Apart from command as per Ubuntu official website content following have 2 more types to get MAC address in Ubuntu

Using Network Manager

Go to settings — Select Network –Click on the arrow next to your current connection (Wired or Wifi connected to). — Finally you will get mac address under hardware address.

Using Connection Information

Click on the Network indicator in the Unity panel.

Select connection information from the sub-menu.

The Hardware address provides you with your current connection’s (LAN or Wi-Fi) mac address.

Final Verdict

Apart from the all above option Android have many apps in Play store to get the detail of MAC as well other details. In this article we have tried to share you max available methods of different devices. To get the MAC address. If you want to extend have other options. Kindly comments and share us.

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