How to fix Bad_pool_header ?

Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then you can restart. (100% complete). If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error: Bad_pool_header

This is called ‘Blue screen of death’ in terms of a PC

So this type of error many users face with Windows 11, Windows 10 or Windows 8 pc. This error typically occurs as noticed after you’ve installed new software or new hardware. Which doesn’t work with your pc. As per our experts, you can follow a few steps which work for us:


Restart your PC for Bad_Pool_header error

In some cases, this error may get resolved by itself by just performing restart windows.  In another case, you need to hard press the power button for a few seconds. Now your pc is a hard shutdown and disconnect all the power and battery.

Wait for 10-15 minutes as all Pc devices get relaxed as the human body. You will be wondering the concept of all the PC is also designed similar to the human lifestyle.

This works for me on an Office laptop!

Note: Hard shutdown of a computer device is dangerous times you may face Hard disk failure and data loss. So we recommended avoiding hard shut down multiple times.

If still bad luck and Pc giving same error again and again.

How to Restart PC with Safe mode?

Now you have to restart your PC again. If the PC is on you can go with Start then select Power Restart.  If still PC is the never-ending process of Bad_Pool_header error. You have again restart the PC by Hard boot. During the start process, quickly and repeatedly press the F8 key (this may differ with a different model of pc) on your keyboard. 

When the Advanced Boot Menu Options appear, use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode, then select Enter. Or you can choose the sequence of numbers shown as follows:

Safe mode Windows 10 screen

In my case, we choose 5 (Safe mode with networking) to use the internet to update the drivers and windows. even you will be able to transfer files from other PC of your network.

Uninstall new installed Software or Hardware to resolve bad_pool_header error

As we are assuming now your pc is on in Safe mode. So look for the latest installed Software or device for an update or uninstall. Which is the cause of your windows crash error Bad_Pool_header.

To uninstall newly software or apps go to the Control panel -> Programs -> Program and features as follows. Short all apps by the date your latest updated or installed software will show on top.

Uninstall program to resolve bad_poo_header error

Uninstall the software latest. Your problem probably get resolved if the error comes due to the latest software.

Windows update always works to fix errors i.e.  Bad_pool_header

This is our personal experience updated Operating systems are always good for PC hardware or software health. Either the PC is windows or Mac.

So make sure your PC is the latest updates. To check the updated conditions of your PC follow the steps.

Select Windows icon  type in search box Windows update -> check for updates.

Check for updates

Now click the check for updates button as yellow circled above. When the update gets downloaded/installed restart your pc. You have to follow normal steps to restart your PC. This time restart process will take time to get updates of all the patches and drivers on your PC. Wait and allow the process to get it complete.

Windows update Device driver not working

Sometimes we see the driver gives a problem for after windows updates. In this situation, you have to visit the manufacturer’s website to install the latest driver.

Windows crashing even in Safe mode?

In this case, suggest toward look for expert guidance.  Go to local Service engineer to check the Pc. We advise there is probably something wrong with your PC hardware. If this is the case, possibly need to take it to a hardware repair/ replacement.

Start PC in normal mode

When you think you’ve solved your problem, you have to get out of safe mode windows to test and see if it worked or not. To go back to the normal mode of windows. To do simply restart your computer. After that, it should boot up with its normal operating mode. If still there is same error is coming up.

Wrap up !

Bad_pool_header type of error is normal in windows. don’t get a faired for such type of errors. Just do google plenty or article available to help you. One of them is this one. If you are problem get resolved with tricks of this article. Share this article to your friends. Your small effort motivate us to write continuously.. tirelessly..

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