How to find Hardware and Software details ?

Check Configuration of Laptop / Desktop

How to check the configuration of a pc? Which we buy recently. This PC actually the same configuration and software installed as a vendor quote. This makes us little confused on how to we will know.

To overcome this challenge we are trying to share a few steps. Follow and you will be able to get together all the information. Like System hardware & software.

We are sharing effective tools and commands which will help you to extract brief details. Related to Hardware and software available in your PC/Laptop.

If your system performance is slow down you can use these tips and tools. It will help you identify basic bugs. If you are are looking for an upgrade of your PC/Laptops memory sticks.

SYSTEMINFO a command for PC

RUN systeminfo – Press Windows +R –> type now systeminfo Screen will appear as follows


To save this report you have to type systeminfo > c:\systeminfo.txt

Above command will save complete detail file on systeminfo.txt file which will be available on your C: drive.

Note: you must be login your administrator account.

DXDIAG a command for System check

Similar to systeminfo DXDIAG is also a useful command for knowing your system detail. Run dxdiag command this is a Directx Diagnostic Tool which will look like as follows:


It will help you check the configuration as well system, Display, Sound and input device conditions

At the bottom you will find a button shows Saved all informations in a txt file. Further you can utilize this information in any format.

MSINFO32 system configuration

Press Windows + R and go run command prompt box. Type msinfo32 you will find the following screen.

System Information

Run the Windows System Information (msinfo32) that comes pre-installed with Windows to get installed hardware and software specifications.

The major section of this windows utility given as follows:

System Summary: System configuration and users detail.
In detailed, there are 3 more subcategories are
Hardware resources: which resources of hardware are going to use and what is the conditions of those.
Components: Which components are going to be used (CD drive, Keyboard mouse, network card, storage etc.)
Software Environment: All software Drivers detail, and latest connected devices etc.

Device Manager to know the Device driver status


Device manager is one of the most used features to identify device status and details. Via GUI (graphics users interface) you can right click on my computer and get device manager. Maximize device manager as showns above screen shot.

On the above screen, you can explore how many devices are going to be used on your PC. Question marked yellow sign shows that the device drivers are not available.


Based on the above techniques many third-party applications have been developed. Which available which will help you extract cleaner and easily accessible reports formats.

You can install this software in your PC. This app will extract reports as required.

One of the most used free application is Belarc advisor. Use this small software in you pc and get all the hardware as well software complete detail. Even you will get the serial keys of installed applications.

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