How to create Faster Website few key points

The website is the face of your organization so as you keep your face always clean and nice. Website should be similar too.

Speed-up a website

  • Images & animations: Use the alt attribute to describe the function of each visual.
  • Image maps: Use the client-side map and text for hotspots.
  • Multimedia: Provide captioning and transcripts of audio, and descriptions of video.
  • Hypertext links: Use text that makes sense when read out of context.
  • Page organization: Use headings, lists, and consistent structure. Use CSS for layout and style where possible.
  • Graphs & charts: Summarize or use the long description attribute.
  • Scripts, applets and plug-ins: Provide alternative content in case active features are inaccessible or unsupported.
  • Frames: Use the no frames element and meaningful titles.
  • Tables: Make line-by-line reading sensible. Summarize.
  • Check your work Validate: Use tools, checklist, and guidelines at

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