How to Connect Internet from Mobile to Laptop or pc using USB?

Why is the internet so Important?

The Internet is the blood for the digital world. The advantage of the Internet is to connect worldwide computers, to communicate with each other. The Internet now becomes one of the most reliable sources of sharing files to videos. Without the internet, none of the industry exists these days. Using the internet you can do work from home.


Everywhere wired internet connectivity is not possible. But today the mobile internet is available at any time. In this knowledge base article. We are trying to share you few steps to resolve Internet connectivity concerns.

Connect the Internet in a laptop using mobile Wi-Fi as a hotspot

Steps to connect Mobile internet in a laptop pc

Step 1: Open mobile and Go to Settings and Go to Portable Hotspot /Connection & sharing option (a few mobiles not available exact options).

Portable hotspot

Step 2: Now enable Portable Hotspot which by default shows disabled we need to enable this option:

Enable Portable Hotspot

Go to setup portable hotspot – Set Wi-Fi name / SSID and Wi-Fi password.

Set hotspot SSID and Password

Select security type from none to WPA2 PSK.

Step 3: Now the time to go to your Laptop and choose mobile Wi-Fi as set above

Connect Wi-Fi in you laptop

Step 4: Finally Open Web Browser and use mobile internet on your laptop.

Ensure that you have enough data plan available. You laptop can use mobile data while you do connect.

Connect the Internet in a Desktop / Laptop using Mobile Internet via USB cable

Step 1: Connect Your Mobile device to a laptop using a USB Cable. The same cable you do use for Charging and data transfer purposes.

Step 2: Go to Settings Then Go to Connection and sharing. USB Tethering / Hotspot & Tethering (may differ in a different mobile device)

Connection & Sharing

Step 3: Now Enable USB Tethering and enable which is by default shows disabled.

USB Tethering

Step 4: Go to Your Desktop pc or Laptop your network /LAN get connected with the mobile internet.

Network is connected

Step 5: Now you have the freedom to use the Internet in your desktop to access Mails, Movies, and Web.

Pc or laptop get instantly recognizes the phone as a “modem” with Internet access. In some cases, you may have to accept the installation of new software. Which supports USB and mobile devices. And your Pc get prompted or may automatically get installed.

More benefits of USB cable instead of Hotspot for Internet in a Desktop / Laptop pc.

USB Cable
  • Using USB cable internet you can use your home Wi-Fi routed through Mobile device. This means which internet you are using in your mobile that gets transferred to Desktop or laptop.
  • USB feature does not force you to close the existing connected Wi-Fi of mobile.
  • A phone call can be picked up because you are using home Wi-Fi routed via mobile to desktop.
  • No extra Wi-Fi Dongle required for Desktop pc
  • No network cable required just simple mobile charging cable
  • Mobile also getting charged so no battery concerns.


Even though mobile is being used for most of the digital data transmission. Still without Pc office or college school lengthy tasks not possible.  We all can’t afford mobile data as well as broadband services at home. In this case, mobile data can be used to desktop and pc.

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