How to configure HP Wireless Printer

This blog is for those who are planning to buy a wireless printer for home and office. The wireless printer works meant to connect with Desktop, Laptop and mobiles/tablets.

Features of a Wireless printer:

The printers come with Wireless and network card enabled besides of USB port only. In this digital era, all the gadgets are now connected wirelessly. The wireless printer looks like wired printer by its size. But the only difference is in price and connectivity techniques.

Setup Wireless printer

How to setup Wireless printer?

Options to connect Wireless printer:

  1. Wireless – Connect your mobile and Laptop
  2. Wired – Connect USB cable like a standard printer
  3. Wired Lan- You can also connect your printer in your network / Router using direct LAN cable. Now your all LAN and Wireless devices will be able to install and use Printer.

Simple basic settings and setup for Wireless Printer installations:

  1. Connect Printer and laptop in the Same network
  2. Switch on Printer, Computer and wireless device.
  3. Configure Wireless device as DHCP mode.
  4. Setup up printer autoconfiguration mode. It will pick IP address from the same network.

Once your printer picks up IP address you can manage this from any device. Type the same in your Web Browser and the following screen will appear. Now you are open to making changes in your printer functionalities.

Wired Lan and Wireless mode you printer display will show you the IP address of the printer. Now you can configure this printer to Laptop and other wireless devices.

Setup Printer IP

How to Install a printer:

This is a simple and easy way to install a printer in a computer device. Needs to download HPEasyStart software. You can also install printers with other methods. We will share a separate printer installation guide.

Download and install the latest version of the printer driver:

software from the authorized/Manufacture websites only. We do test the settings for HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125 Printer.  If you just buy the machine you will get 2 DVD along with Driver and documentation.
Download Installation Driver Setup for HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125

After downloading this there are prerequisite requirements like make sure your printer is connected powered on Wired and wirelessly.  The list of connected printers will show as follows:

Wireless Printer Search

Connect Printer to Wifi Router

Open web-based URL as follows go to Networking — > Wireless Configuration –> Select Router and type Pass-phrase (8 to 63 characters): (Wi-Fi SSID /Password of the Wi-Fi router).

Connect Wireless printer with Router

Now select the printer and use it flawlessly.


This article also a case study for us. Our office printer was earlier connected and working fine. But we face an issue that printer is not picking IP. Then we realize and tried to reconfigure the printer using shared steps above. Most of our article are not copy-paste from other articles.

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