How to Check If my system has SSD of HD

How can do we check if our System has SSD (Solid-state drive) or HD (Normal Hard disk) ? Which type of Storage disk is installed in my PC? Can we check if we have an SSD or HDD without opening the laptop /desktop cabinet?

In this article, you will be able to know. Which type of Storage (Hard disk) drive is installed in your pc. Without using third-party software or tools.

We identify 3 options from the Windows itself as follows:

Option 1 – Run Disk Defragmenter to check system Storage type

Press Windows key or go to windows search type just a few characters. Example def an icon of Defragment and optimize drives app get appeared press open or run as administrator.

Defragment and optimize drives option

You can run disk defragment option through the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut. To open the Run box, type dfrgui and press Enter. 

Command prompt for defragmentation

After processing above options you will get the following screen. Where you will know which type of Storage you have in your PC. Just highlighted under media type column of the screen as in the screenshot shows in this pc have 2 types of Storage 1st one is SSD (Solid-state drive) and the second one is normal Hard Disk drive.

Optimize Drives using Defragmentation

Option 2- Check if your Drive is SSD or HDD using Windows PowerShell command

To check if my system has SSD of HD using PowerShell is easier. Just needs to run a simple command. Go to search box type PowerShell Run as Administrator

Run Get-PhysicalDisk command PowerShell command prompt

Get-physicaldisk using powershell

The command will list all physical installed disks connected to your computer get appeared in the screen. Under the MediaType section. You will be able to know which type of Internal Storage you have installed on your PC. That is a HDD or SSD.

Not only that you will even be able to see all other information about the HDD/SSD. Like brand name Serial number, Size, and health status.

Option 3 – Task Manager option to Check If my system has SSD of HD

You can go through the Task manager option of your pc right click on the status bar. Click the task manager option Or search in windows search box task manager. Go to the 2nd tab Performance as highlighted follows:

Task manager performance tab

This screenshot shows your storage type easily.

There are plenty of third-party apps also available to get the details about the installed hardware or software.


Storage at the last many times we see and found get difficulties to know what is installed in our PC. Windows is designed for users and there is covered almost everything. Just needs to explore the Windows. comments us if this article helps you

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