How to take back of Android Mobile/Tablets

It is a major concern for Android device users how to backup photos and data. After growing popularity android Mobile based OS team introduced /enabled backup facility.

Go through android device manager/settings you can take backup of settings and preferences only.

Backup android phone

Go to settings –Backup and restore — Back up my data & apps in google servers. of your mobile device and select.

Apart from that, you have an option to take backup android phone devices using third-party apps. Where you have features to take backup for all like backup contacts android, Data, Photos & call logs etc.

Mobile phone shops charge you for backup wherever you want to change or device getting hangs. Just go through this article it will help you take a backup android phone.

CM Backup

CM Backup is a free backup solution which can take backup of all the data. To take backup and restore call logs, web browsers, photos, music, calendar, and alarms. CM Backup has its own cloud storage where you can save data up to 5 GB. Download this app and take backup android phone and tablet.

Super Backup

Super Backup is a free Android backup app that allows the user to save all photos. Its have features to take backup of logs, SMS, calendar, alarms and bookmarks. Take a backup in SD card or Google Drive or in external storage.

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup saves all the files like photos, music, SMS and call logs in a cloud server. It will provide more storage space for your data. Log in with your G Cloud ID and restore all your backed-up files to any location or device.

Easy Backup

Easy Backup is a free Android backup app. This app can take backup and restores all the files in an SD card/internal. You can set schedule for backup it will automatically take backup. Easy Backup will save Backup in Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive. It’s over to you where you want to take backup.

Titanium Backup

If you want to reset your device it will save all the information catch of apps within the backup. You can backup, restore and freeze all the data with the app. We can do schedule our backups.


We all struggle for taking backup of our mobile device. Hope this article will reduce your pain. Share this post to your family and friends.

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