How do I restart /shut down my windows computer via command prompt?

Microsoft Windows presents many ways to restart shutdown your computer. One of the shortest ways to restart or shut down a computer from Command prompt.

Shutdown -t

Open command prompt window from Windows 10 or 11

  1. Go to the start or click on the windows icon
  2. Type cmd (Short name of Command prompt)
  3. Press enters

From the command prompt windows run commands

  1. Type shutdown, with the / and specified characters as specified follows
  2. shutdown /s – for shutting down your computer
  3. shutdown /r – for restart your computer without delay
  4. Type shutdown /l – command for logoff the computer/laptop pc
  5. To know more commands that belong to prefix shutdown type shutdown /?
  6. At the last after choosing the options any of the above your computer will perform the task accordingly.

How to delay restart/shutdown windows computer via command prompt

  1. Shutdown /r /t 1000 – (/r – restart, /t time, 1000 is 1000 seconds) means after 1000/60 =16 minutes system get restart
  2. And for Shutdown /s /t 1000 (means system get shut down after 16 minutes)
Shutdown commands

How to stop accidentally run command for restart/shutdown a computer?

Shutdown -a (here are the -a means abort the running commands) these commands will stop all the recently run commands by mistaken by you.

Wrap up:

Windows have such many predefined commands which help us to make tasks easier to run.  Many times, we want that system needs to shut down after 1 hour. And we don’t want to sit idle in front of pc. What will we do? This article is going to help for such to make your life easy. 

We as a team always try to resolve your queries and like to minimize your technical difficulties.  Write us comments us to motivate us!

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