Google Meet comes up to help you for video meetings and collaboration

Google Meet, our premium video conferencing product, free for everyone, Google Meet is a secure reliable video conferencing solution that’s is trusted by a different type of organization.

To use you need to just you’re an email id. It will be simpler scheduling and screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that adapt to your preference, including an expanded tiled view are the main highlights of Google meet.

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Apart from the zoom app google a brand name of the trust. Now coming with the cutting edge technology based app keeping users safe, data secure, and information private.

Zoom even though is faster and easy to use the app, and become the most popular globally installed android app. During lockdown due to the corona pandemic. But lake of security now losing name fame. Google meet coming with a new avatar to meet the expectation without security compromise.

Video meetings now built for security and reliability in google Meet

Technology is not enough if you are not secure. Here in video conference companies sharing their inputs and plans to their teams. Doctor discussing sharing confidential pieces of information with the patient and seniors.

Video meeting is like a conference room meetings. In the conference room meetings, we always keep secure. So now we leave the open doors of the conference. Confidentiality is the key aspect of any conference if it is the virtual or physical model.

Why Google Meet is best for Video Meeting / Conferencing

Audio Video settings in google meet
  • The meet will stop to access anonymous users without a google account. And we know the google accounts are already secure. This would be layer one.
  • Brute-force proof complex meeting codes/pass for joining a meeting in Meet.
  • No needs to install any add-ins/plugin. Use your internet browser i.e Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any latest one.
  • Dedicated google meet app is available in Play Store and App store also.
  • The meet has a strong set of host controls features i.e. mute, remove and deny entries of participants.
  • All video communications meeting in Meet is encrypted, all recordings can be stored in Google Drive.

Is Google Meet free for everyone?

Currently Google meet has only been available as part of G Suite. For businesses users, organizations, and schools. As per the recent Google blog, Meet will be available to anyone for free on the web at shortly. Which can be accessed using mobile apps for iOS and Android. Also, connect join the meeting using the Gmail app or Google Calendar.

Google Hangout vs Google Meet

Google HangoutGoogle Meet
Start a video meetingStart a video meeting
Schedule a video meeting in CalendarSchedule a video meeting in Calendar
Join a video meetingJoin a video meeting from your computer
Join a meeting while on the goJoin a video meeting while on the go
Add guests to a video meetingAdd guests to a video meeting
Send chat messages during a meetingSend chat messages during a video meeting
Share your screenPresent your screen
Can’t record a video meetingRecord a video meeting

You have provision to shift Google hangout account to latest Google meet.

For more detail watch official video of Google Meet

Google Meet for All

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