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Introduction Google Forms:

Google Forms is a web-based app developed by Google team. This helps you to create forms for data record collection purposes. Can be collect data in digital format. Instead of hard copy collections, and sharing paper sheets to all the students. Now your students will receive a digital form. They will be able to fill it up using their laptop/mobile computer. Any types of form can be created using Google forms like surveys, quizzes, or any type of registrations. It is an awesome app to use for our regular work which was earlier little tough to manage.  Just use your Google Gmail id to collect and share forms.

Steps to create your first Form:

Type in a google search –” google forms” -> Select Google forms -> login using your Google email id -> Select Blank form/ ready-made templates.

Usage with reliability:

No developer need, no design skills required just drag and drop, your google forms get ready. Google forms will be secure and reliable with the power of Google. You have the desire to share forms with selective contacts with restrictions.

Response tracking:

All the responses you will receive will get collected in a spreadsheet. Just explore the response Tab you will get, how many people open the form and how many do share responses. There is an option to select a spreadsheet where your data get collected/stored. Select more options -> Select response destination ->Create a new spreadsheet or use an existing one.

How to Integrate google forms with Google docs?

Google docs features can be used to integrate Google forms with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can directly create forms from the menu -> Tools options of all G suite docs apps. Apart from that these options it can be added / Integrate directly to any websites. These days many website developers using this form to save time and money.

how to create google form?
What we can do using google forms?
How google forms will make your life easy?

how to create google form

Create a survey using google forms: If you invite your customers/clients base to attend an event. They attend events and if you are looking for feedback/survey about the events. You can share Google forms.

Order Form: Share your client’s Order form with the details of your products and collect order effectively.

Contact Form: Add Contact form on your website or in any promotional email body. To collection customer/client’s information.

Job Application: Create a Job application and integrate the forms in your Website. And collect data of candidates share with your HR team.

Time slot fix: Create a form for Time slot collection for any events which is slot wise organized by you.

Invitation Form: Invite anyone Clients / Friends / Vendors to attend annual day events of your organization.

Google Questionnaire: Google forms quiz competitions form you can create. And shared with class students to collect their skills and progress reports.

Customer feedback: Collect customer feedback about any product or services which you offered recently.

Product Servery form: Take a survey about your company, product and services.

Internal office Choice form: Create a form to collect personal information about your employees. Like family members, Latest contact address, Alternate email id and emergency contact numbers.

Training / Course Evolution Feedback: Google forms help trainer to share this to collect feedback detail of attendees. Earlier it was very tough to manage hard copy forms. Database of your choice will get populated automatically. Once you received duly filled forms. If you ask how to download google forms data?  The answer is just followed a few simple steps data get collected in a google spreadsheet. Which can be easily downloaded in the excel sheet anytime.


We thanks to google for developing this web-based tool/application. Is really very helpful for us. That is why we write a small blog post for you to explore the feature of google forms. Information and knowledge base to everyone needs to know.

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