Gmail Undo sent email

As we know human makes mistakes many times. We all face such issues to send email accidently incomplete or different recipient. Therefor google team thought and observe this intendent and integrate a new feature for Gmail users.

Gmail undo options will work

It will basically allow you to recall a sent email within 30 seconds. If you have sent a message in hurry and thought, there’s some error that needs to be fixed. This this situation this feature of Gmail will gives you maximum 30 seconds to recall. After that it is not possible to undo your sent emails.

How to enable Gmail undo Feature

The feature is turned off by default for all. If you assume that such incidents you do face.  Just enable this option for future mistakes.

Go to Settings gear icon right of the Gmail screen –> General Tab

Gmail undo
Gmail Undo

Gmail undo in Email Clients

This option will not work for Desktop or mobile third party email clients. Like outlook, Thunderbird and opera mails. We suggest you use only Gmail app or Web based Gmail to take benefit of Gmail undo option. For outlook clients have separate outlook option to recall email. It is not a part of Gmail undo feature. Other email providers have already this feature.

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