Generation of music

Music is a powerful thing to connect listen and enjoyed. Beautiful sounds around from the human to nature. Without Music, we cannot imagine the happiness of the world. All the time whenever we sad or happy about all the movements we like to listen to music.

In the ancient era, people like to listen to music as live performance only. But now we have the option to save such music. And we can listen to music from around the world in our small gadgets. Like Radio, Mobile, iPod, and personal computer.

Music Generation

‘Music is life, life is a music’ Nobody in the world exist without music.


A Gramophone (also known as phonograph record) gramophone. Often simply record and store sound in a flat disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove. At first, the discs were commonly made from shellac. Starting in the 1940s polyvinyl chloride became common. In the mid-2000s, gradually, records made of any material began. To be called vinyl records, or simply vinyl.

Audio cassettes

The audio Cassette also was known as a cassette tape or simply tape or cassettes. These come with analogue magnetic tape recording format for audio playback. The audio cassette was very popular in the era of 60-70s. Developed by Philips in Hasselt, Belgium first reveled in the year 1963.


During the time of Walkman people like to walk and listen to the music of their choice. Earlier it was restricted to listen to music on Radio. But Walkman helps people to save/record Audio in cassettes. And listen to the music in Walkman anywhere at any time. The Source of music in a Walkman was audio cassettes.

A portable audio cassette player that changed listening habits. People allow listening to the music of their choice on the go.

First Walkman invented by Sony inc. and the first and original Walkman come out in the year 1979.

Discman / CD

Like Walkman Sony world old and innovative company of music and video. First, disclose Discman / Cd it was a portable cd player. First comes up in light in the year 1984 after that a new era of music comes up in the light. 

As we know the Cassettes was much difficult to keep records and maintain. Thus CD-based audio system comes up in the light and spread worldwide with huge demands.

MP3 players

This is the advanced file player now the Audio is digital form. Earlier all the audio comes with analog-based. The MP3 player launched in the year 1994.

MP3 is an audio file type a device that can play this digital audio file format is known as MP3 Players. Apart from portable audio, these device works as PC. Application software can run/play MP3 digital audio files. This type of audio file can be recorded on CD.

iPod Apple

iPod is and portable pocket-friendly music player. I iPod is invented by Apple after coming in light in the year 2001. After coming in light iPod globally get huge popularity. More than 15 years iPod makes its mark.

iPod comes with inbuild storage based 2 GB to 160 GB. In this device, music can be download directly from iTunes.

This apple device gets huge popularity for more than 10 years.


Now the new generation comes and smartphones consumed all the previous Audio/video device market. Now a single smartphone can work an iPod, MP3 and MP4 player, video camera and many more.

A multi-purpose mobile computing device is called a smartphone.

All the different audio system combined available in a single device it is a smartphone. An audio player is now the basic requirement of a smartphone even you can get the facility to play a different type of audio/video in a feature phone. Now all the smartphone equipped multi-purpose mobile computing devices.

Smartphone has the feature to play not only audio also can play a different type of HD videos.

Now music apps /online streaming sites

Now the latest generation of music is completely web-based on-demand no need additional storage in your smartphone. Just install a small music app in your smartphone play you the choice of music on going. Top music apps available in Google play store are Google Play Music, Spotify,, etc.

Different types of mobile apps available for smartphones where you have a different type of features like to set your favorite playlist, No space problem anymore.

Play millions of music and video just simple search and play music of your choice.


In this article, we tried to share your different generations of Music and multimedia. Just have a flashback and imagine the changes in the music era.

Music is life and a great friend when you feel alone and sad. Music was available for every mode.

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