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We are not Astrologer who predict about the future. Our analysis and research found future will be technology based. Which skills you need for future jobs in technology. We ensure that future technology will be the most powerful things.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning has been highlighted in recent years. Here is technology moving fast towards the next generation. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is terminology which teaches machines how to perform itself. Artificial Intelligence (AI) using these days in Computer, Mobile, Security system and Robots. It’s designed to work using Microchips (AI chips), which developed by keeping in mind the human brain. It may work to take command using Face expression, Image-based recognition. Aartificial Intteligence will be able to recognize sound / Speech and perform actions based on.

AI along with Machine combination is ready to beat humans mind. AI technology will perform Jobs: task faster and which will self-driven predefined behaviour Technics. Many devices are already working with AI technology. Recently launched Xiaomi Y2 & Realme have AI-based camera. Apart from Camera quality going to help performance monitoring of the mobile devices.  more about AI Future is Artificial Intelligence.

Future waiting for you:

Career for you in future we can expect every mobile phone & gadgets will be AI based. These all companies need AI expert support & Support team at all the levels. If you have a passion to achieve something in life, Look and review career in this field.

Coming year none of the industry will untouched using AI enabled machine/Technics. All the industries Entertainment, Medical, Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, Transportation etc.  

“Future will be auto driven”

Full Stake Developer

Full stake developer means knowledge of all the web applications and supporting languages. If you are an expert in web-based application, development and have functional knowledge. Demands of Full stake developers: Here is a huge demand in the market. Currently with the boom of IOT and e-commerce. These days every industry needs websites with advanced technology. To meet the global expectation, demands and supply, companies looking for global presence.

Skill sets Requirements:

A Full Stake developer should be proficient in JAVA, PHP, C #, Python, Ruby, Perl and Node.js etc. Nowadays most of the IT companies using the above languages. If you have expertise in these skills. In past, most of the websites designed and developed using .net. Now Java and PHP become more popular.

5 year back most of the websites were designed using (.net). These days Java and PHP become more popular.

A Full Stake developer demands increasing day by day. If you can perform as a developer, Quality controller, testing and technical support. Means an all-rounder of Software development field is Full Stake Developer

Database Administrator and Data Scientist

A role of Database Administrator is to manage data. Which are the most precious things for Information technology nowadays? All the transactions consist set of data. They ensure that databases run efficient and should be secure from unauthorized users. DBA role is responsible for organizing a company’s data and storing it proficiently.

Data Scientist and Database administrator have may be the same person. Today most of the companies keep both the jobs separate. The increased volume of data creates a new job as Data Scientist. Who cares about how data should flow efficiently around. They manage and handle massive data structure with the help of DB Admin. Companies these days keeping records digitally. All small business now become a big brand i.e shop to e-commerce. All the service providing companies around the world keeping records live online. Millions of records of data moving on the web. Therefor these two role Data Administrator & Data Scientist importance.

The skill required for:

a graduate in Computer Science with an understanding of Statics and Data Scientist. A Database Administrator be aware about DB language. Example Structured Query Language (SQL), MongoDB and Hadoop are the most popular. Apart from Database, both the profession must have knowledge about back-end programming languages.  Accordingly they will be able to know how is data flowing in databases.

Career options:

A Database Engineer, Database Administrator, MIS expert who will be able to use Database, Database analyst and Data Scientist. Here is boom prospects will continue ahead.

Mobile Apps Developers

As we know the increasing volume of Smartphone users. Currently, It is around 2.5 billion worldwide. In a mobile these days approx 10 apps installed. All most of the websites owners parallel looking for a mobile app. Most of the companies in the field of E-commerce, Gaming, Designing, Social media, advertising and marketing. Now all these industries recognized the power of the mobile uses in business. Hope you understand now the scope of Mobile app developer’s requirements. Companies promoting their products & service via websites and mobile apps. We expecting positive ahead.

Full stake developer in programming. Here you have a chance to learn and make a mark for mobile apps development too.

The skill required for:

Apart from other language and software skills, you need to enrol for mobile app development courses. You must have knowledge of Python, Java, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, Specific C# using Visual Studio and HTML 5 etc.


We are sure you are co-relating Blockchain with Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, and Etherioum etc.). Blockchain technology is the most secure platform which can be used for all the industries. Blockchain name itself described meaning (Block + Chain). Means through this technology our data gets transmitted in blocks. This flow of data can’t be compromised in the transition by any hackers. This says End to End data security. Our data will not get stored anywhere end to end block wise gets flow. We don’t need any third-party to confirm transactions.

The blockchain is decentralized there is no central authority for supervision. Minning professional use their high-end computer to compute the transaction. Recent buzz of Crypto-currency (Bitcoin). Few countries even banned such currency. Due reason Blockchain popularity gets compromised. Many banks and financial institution accepting blockchain technology. Which is more secure and the reliable mode of transaction. The blockchain-based transaction can be possible across global in second. All the transaction get transmitted using an encrypted (256bit) form, which can be retrieved only receiver. One of the best cost effective as compared to forex.

Career for Blockchain

A career in Blockchain Technology

We can say here we are looking for a great future career’s option. As per our sources, only 2-5% of institutions using this technology. This technology presence yet is negligible.
If you have above skills you will be the part of workforce of the future.

Cyber Security and Information security

The next big thing in tech future jobs:

Hope you had readout all the above career options. Without security, none of the above fields can sustain. Artificial intelligence & machine learning both interconnected. AI & ML is driven by specific programming technics, which can be hacked or destroyed any point of time. We all know Viruses, Malware, Ransomware and phishing attacks.

Billions of dollar data and information compromised due to a security breach. Since computer edge started.

Cyber Security & Information security experts needs increasing at never before speed.

Here are anonymous hackers trying to access data. Even you had a taken toughest security measures. Hacker continue traying to breach your security.

What knowledge and Skills required? A Cyber Security / Information security expert, He should be aware of latest and updated hardware and software technologies. Which all the products are going to use as a security wall. He have to be aware about how to recover data. How to prevent and analyse behavioural things.

Cyber Security and Information Security

Technology for Cyber Security Knowledge-base:

Open your brain to learn about NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), UTM, Antivirus, Security patches, Backups and recovery and User authentication process etc. If you are looking for your future as Cyber Security / Information Security Profession. If you want to stop the hacker’s. You need knowledge how hacker works. For that you need to learn Kali Linux read more about.

For security professional if you are not high qualified don’t worry. You need to share your knowledge in technical forum. You will get rewarded and companies are waiting for experts. A good ethical hacker can give you better security. For catching a theft you have to follow his way of thinking.


We tried to pick the best career options as per our understanding. This article will be a Tech future analysis.

Hope this article will help you, your family and friends who confused about the career. Don’t read the book try to dig the information within else it would be time waste nothing else. Follow life changing mantra article will help you achieve life goals.

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Select your career with complete research. Take the second opinion always. 
“Grass is not green everywhere”.
“Jump in a pool only if you know swimming, and you have enough saving guard. Who can save your life”.

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