Fix LocalBridge.exe Bad Image Error on Windows 10

Even our Operating system is working fine but sometimes can prompt popup messages of error and thus create a problem. From last few days, one of our clients was faced LocalBridge.exe Bad image error 0xc000012f which was continuously popup on the screen.

In the steps shared below, we dig a few tips and tricks to tackle this issue. So, follow these steps carefully and fix the issue itself.

Disk Cleanup

This is windows one of the preinstalled tools which will help you to clean up barriers to stop LoalBridge.exe error.

Use Disk Cleanup then go through the below-mentioned steps.

Press Window + R key Run Dialog Section will appear type cleanmgr into this dialogue box press Ok / Enter button

Cleanmgr command

Go to drop-down section and select the drive whenever the operating system is full, i.e., ‘C: drive’.

You must check the box of Recycle Bin, Setup log files, old updates files and Temporary files.

Go to the Clean-up system files and click on it.

Clean up System files

Once again choose the drive partition and wait for the process. It will take approx. 2 to 5 minutes. At the last press ok button, it will ask you to Permanently delete these files press ok.

Now, restart the device to apply the changes. Now your problem related to LocalBridge.exe may get resolved. But is still the problem not shorted out just move to the next step (SFC Scan)

Run SFC Scan option to fix windows errors

SFC (System File Checker) is one of the vital tools to resolve operating system related issues.

To fix the issue through Run SFC scan here is taken steps as follows:

Press Window + R key Run Dialog Section will appear type CMD now MS-Dos screen prompt up.

Type command SFC /scannow

(Note if you are not logged in your machine using Administrator privileges, you need to command prompt as an administrator) for that type in search box command as follows)


After that, go to the black screen Dos command prompt area and type SFC /scannow and press Enter.

Now the process gets to start to check the system file checker way and it will take time to get the finish.

SFC / Scannow

Now, reboot the system and look for the error is still existing LocalBridge.exe. Else you need to an analysis recently installed and uninstalled applications software via following steps.

Uninstall Defective Programmes and windows updates:

Following the command prompt option Press Windows +R and type appwiz.cpl (Windows Program and features section) you can also check this option via Control panel.

Now you the screen get appeared is Programs and Features screen, select latest installed software applications and do repair or uninstall.

Other options are to remove the recently installed windows updates. Go to the ‘View installed updates’ option from the left side.

Check out the newest installed update and choose it and uninstall the same.

Now, restart the PC. Hope your problem has been resolved now but if still, this issue persists kindly go through next option

Create a new user profile:

This is the last and effective way to resolve profile related problems. Above all option will resolve windows files and software related bug. But if there is any issue persist for a user profile that can be resolved only after a change of profile.

Steps to create a new profile

Go to command box Windows + R and type lusrmgr.msc

Or press Windows + X to open computer management –> Local Users and Groups –> Users –> Right-click on black area and create a new user of your choice.

Now use the new user ID and password for use. Finally, this will resolve your profile related errors. As we discovered above error was related to Windows user Profile. Other steps we shared you to resolve if there is any error is coming in your pc related to windows it gets resolved.


All the above option also helps you to tune in your pc. In terms of windows or local profile bugs.  Share us your valuable feedback.  Our team always ready to face the challenge to resolve your any technical problem related to windows or any gadgets.

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