Facing problem with OneDrive

New era is cloud if you are using OneDrive to take backup and sync real time data on cloud. And you are facing problem with OneDrive is common. So here we log the call with Microsoft and get the support to resolve one OneDrive real time synchronization issues and error.

Facing problem with OneDrive Assessment by Microsoft Engineer:

These are the resolution steps for OneDrive Sync issues.

 (1) First check to see if there is any OneDrive or Office credential stored on the PC 

Select Start or Press the Windows logo key on the keyboard, type “credentials” and then select Credentials Manager.

Select the Windows Credentials tab.

Look for any entries containing “OneDrive” and remove them.

​​​​​​​(2) Navigate to your c\drive>user>search for the user>app data>local>Microsoft >office>16.0>OfficeFileCache  delete all the items inside the folder.

​​​​​​​(3) Next remove all cached OneDrive identities and Authentication tokens.

Press and hold Windows key + R on the key to launch Run.

Paste %localappdata%/Microsoft/IdentityCache in Run and click OK.

In the folder that opens delete all subfolders and files in that location.

Do the same for %localappdata%/Microsoft/OneAuth.

Now open ODB client and try to sign in again.

Screenshot of OneDrive

 (4) Next is to Unlink and relink OneDrive and Pause syncing and Resume Syncing

Unlink and re-link OneDrive – Microsoft Support

 (5) Reset OneDrive: Resetting Microsoft OneDrive can sometimes resolve sync issues and resets all OneDrive settings. OneDrive will perform a full sync after the reset.

You won’t lose any data by resetting or uninstalling OneDrive.

Reset OneDrive – Microsoft Support

If all these resolution steps do not resolve the sync issues, you may consider Uninstalling and reinstalling the OneDrive Sync app. You confirmed that the first two steps performed resolved the issue and gave permission to close the ticket.

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