Drone – UAV Technology and uses

What is Drone and how its work?

Drones are known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). A drone is a flying robot. The drone can be controlled and directed from the ground to the sky. Means the (Drones) can do anything alone.

Generally, Drones are equipped with different types of technologies. Like as infrared cameras, GPS and laser for Commercial as well military uses. Drones are controlled by remote Ground control systems (GSC).

Drone - UAV

The Drone (UAV) technology and uses is growing like never before. In this blog you will know basics of Drones.

Drone Control System:

Drone is a GPS based tracking system which is possible to manage via Mobile devices. There are many types of the controller which controlled all the directions of Drones. Controller system do control receiver, antenna, and signal strengths.

Drone Controller Equipment

1. Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) – This control director of Electronic waves. Power management for Drone.

2. Flight Controller – This control GPS single flow and do regulate mote speeds of ESC. Flight controller controls the whole process of a drone.

3. Gimbal Controller: A device control an instrument like a compass and chronometer. in the moving direction. Typical uses of this device are in Aircraft and Drones. In a Drone Gimbal Controller direct Gimbal monitor in the right directions.

Components for Drone Design and Development

Standard Prop, Pusher Prop, Brushless Motors, Motor Mount, Landing Gear, Boom, Other Body parts, Electronic Speed Controller, Flight Controller, GPS Module, Receiver, Antenna, Battery, Battery Monitor, Gimbal for Camera movements, Camera, Gimbal Controller and Sensors.

Technology and Uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

In the earlier stage, Drones were most often been associated with the military. But now Drone being more popular and effective for a human helping hand.

Organization – Industries Using Drones:

Entertainment and Videography

All most all the Movies and TV Serials are getting used of Drone. Even our local wedding photographers also using Drone. Vlogger and Music album directors are using drones. After using this innovate advance technology this industry saves lots of time and money. And the quality of Pictures and videos they are able to shoot.

Drone (UAV) Uses in Defense

Security challenges in these days in the top. So Drone is very helpful to secure broader areas of any country. Even high-end Drone is being used in place of Fighter jet. USA use recently its most powerful drone MQ-9 Reaper.

Atomic Drones

Drone uses for Rescue and Disaster management

These days disaster management organization using Drones. They are now able to rescue of Humans and property fast and safely. In the USA firefighters are also using Drones to know the actual status of the areas.

Drones for Pizza Delivery

Now pizza in 30 minutes become 100% sure. No traffic hassle during transitions of delivery. Fewer manpower requirements for Goods and food delivery companies.

Drones for Agriculture

Farmers now using Drones to take care of all the pesticide in the lands. Now they not needs to travel the whole lands. Just fly a drone and control remotely all work done.

Drone in Large Industries

Large industries are using Drone to move products and documents quicker. Drone is now being our companion and economy saver.

History of Drones

The earliest recorded use of an unmanned Drone prototype occurred on August 22, 1849. When the Austrians attacked the Italian city of Venice with unmanned balloons. With loaded explosives.  After that humans start to do R&D for UAV.

Sources: Wikipedia and Dronezon.com

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