Delete locked protected files and folders

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Ever we face a different type of temp / unwanted file and folder deletion issue like.
Can’t delete a folder because of the Thumbs.db use Disk Cleanup.
Many times, we tried to delete a folder but its can’t because of a hidden windows file called the Thumbs.db.

Many times, a normal folder also unable to get delete gives an error as follows:

Unable to delete a folder

Remove locked file and folders – tips and tricks

Disable viewing it for other folders:

Open Computer > click on View > Options > View tab > uncheck “Always show icons, never Thumbnails” > then click Apply to Folders.

Close all programs to delete locked folders and files

Windows will not allow you to modify files that open programs is locked. if you try to delete such file and folder you will see a message. It’s open in another program, you have to unlock the files and needs to close the associated programs.

Restart Your Computer

Generally, once you restart a computer file will not be locked after. If the program is locked the files in the start-up process. So, if you are looking to remove and unwanted file or folder which is locked you can try to restart your pc. Now it should allow you to delete or rename.

Use of Disk cleanup

Go to START –> PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > Disk Cleanup > or you may do  search for the Disk Cleanup.

Scroll down the list under you see Thumbnails and check the box. Then click Clean up OK.

Disk Clean-up

Hide view of Thumbnails

Double click on my computer –>View –> Options –> Change folders and Search option –> View
Check the box that says “Always show icons, never thumbnails”

Copy an image and remove Thumbs.db contained folder

Copy an image into the empty folder and then try to delete the folder it works in some cases.

Tools for unlocking, delete, rename locked folders and files

Install IOBIT unlocker: Right-click on folder –> IOBIT unlocker –> Unlock and delete
If the remove The .jpg. The copy image method is not possible to use if the thumbs.db is available inside a loop folder (i.e sub-sub-sub-folder) in the middle of many folders.

IObit Unlocker

You can use IOBit Unlocker or unlocker.exe both are freely available on the web

  1. Download hassle-free IOBit Unlocker from the following the link
    This app will kill all process behind who has captured a particular file and folder.
  2. Download hassle-free Unlocker from the following a link
    This will give you control over your files and folders. This is specialized in unlocking files and killing hanging processes

Note: Unlocking and deleting a file can give you problems with open programs. Ensure that which file or folder you are planning to unlock and delete. Some of the Windows system files may be locked trying to unlock these files may breach your security. OS may get corrupt.

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