Contacts from Windows Phone to Android

Transfer Contract from Windows to Android mobile

If you are using two different Operating System based devices. There would be a problem of Contacts and data migration. We are exploring in this blog Issues of contact transfer. Windows OS based mobile to Android-based device.

How to Transfer Contract from Windows to Android Mobile

Step 1 – Export Contacts from Windows mobile

Login your Windows mobile using Microsoft Accounts (, and and Sync your mobile with this email id. specially for contacts.

Once synchronization has been completed login with your registered email account. Open website and there is an option called people. As shared in following Screenshot.

Now select Manage and choose “Export for and other services” option.

Press Save store the exported contacts file as “OutlookContacts.csv” in you PC.

Save downloaded files for future uses. This CSV file is supportable for all the Operating System based mobiles.

Step 2 – Import Contacts on Android device.

Login to your Gmail account via Laptop /desktop. Type in next tag all the contacts will show.

In Contacts page, press “More” menu and select “Import”.

Now press the “Choose File” button.

Navigate to the location where you saved the Windows Live Contacts file (OutlookContacts.csv) in the previous step and “Open” it.

Now needs to press the “Import” button. Also you needs to wait till the import process is running.

Step 3 : Sync Contacts from google accounts to your Android Mobile

On the Android phone, go to “Settings” > “Accounts and Sync” or “Settings” > “Accounts”.

Under “Manage Accounts”, select (or “Add”) the Google account you used to import WLM contacts.

Now needs to click on “Sync Contacts”.

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