Colours for our day to day life

Colour psychology and importance

According to ancient customs, Colours have a very vital role in our life without colours like is nothing. So, we can follow the colours of our day to day life. Weekdays wearing of clothes and other things will help us to be happy, healthy and wealthy. If we follow colours according to the following table it will work as colour psychology for life growth.

Apart from clothing, we suppose to use colours in form of flowers, Books, luggage, Tea port etc. Few people like to wear gems to meet the colours of the day.

Colour value in our life

As methodological terms and rituals, all the above information has been included. You will feel lighter and better as compared to the normal way.

Day Planet Colour Meanings
Monday Day of Moon White Purity, Peace and Ritual.
Tuesday Day of Mars Red Sacrifice, Attraction
Brown Colour of Earth, Connected with mother earth, Colour of soil.
Wednesday Day of Mercury Green Feel relaxed, Fertility, Renewal, Wealth and Nature-friendly, Do planting trees best day for.
Thursday Day of Jupiter Yellow Enlightenment, Worship, Saibaba colour
Violet Creativity, Shyness
Friday Day of Venus White, Off White Purity, Peace, Ritual
Indigo Mystery, Occult power, Artistic talent
Blue Nobility, Tranquillity, Professionals, Colour of Men
Saturday Day of Saturn Black, Dark Blue Power, Attractions, Make a presence, Colour of Men.
Violet Creativity, Shyness
Indigo Mystery, Occult power, Artistic talent
Sunday Day of Sun Orange Adventure, Change, Worship
Pink Love, Colour of Female

We see around us many people like to wear Yellow on Thursday and blank on Saturday but not aware of the methodological benefits of them. Therefore, we dig this brief and summarize information which will help you to wear other days also.

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