Close Gmail account and save emails offline

Gmail is The World best and reliable mail solutions as of now.
They believe your account; your data. Means you can download valuable data any times from google. Export a copy of the content in your Google Account if you want to back it up or use it with a service outside of Google. Here we are sharing a few simple steps

Close Gmail Account and Save Emails Offline: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think.

Google Takeout

Google Takeout
Takeout your mails and data

Google Takeout feature allows users of Google products. Such as YouTube and Gmail, to export their data to a downloadable archive file. URL of the feature is

Download your data of Gmail

You can export and download your data from the Google-like your email, calendar, and photos. In a few easy steps, create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service.

Download Gmail offline
Take a backup of Gmails

Note: Downloading your data does not delete it from Google’s servers. Learn how to delete your account or how to delete your activity.

Step 1: Select data to include in your archive

Go to the Download your data page. Products that have your data are automatically selected.
If you don’t want to download data from a product, uncheck the box beside it. If you want to download selective data from a product. You may have the option to select a button like List All data included. Then, you can uncheck the box next to data you don’t want to include.

When you will choose the mailbox you can select mailbox subfolders also.

Select mail folders to takeout backup
Select mail folders to takeout backup

Select the Next step.

Step 2: Customize your archive format

Deliver Google archive via:

Create a new Archive

Send download link via email – Send a download link to the specific email id.
Add to Drive – Save Backup direct to your drive.
Save to Dropbox – Save a backup of archival in Dropbox
Save to Microsoft OneDrive – Save backup in OneDrive.

Export Archive type

One-time archive – You can download mail of photos archive data one time.
Scheduled exports – Set the schedule of Archival similarly you file get downloadable like / file on specifically storage location.

Google Take out File format for download

Download compressed zip or TGZ file with the mbox mail format to get download emails.
Zip files – Universal supportable compressed file format.
TGZ files – TGZ is also Compressed file format support Apple and Linux OS.

Archive size setting

Choose the maximum size archive you want to create. If the data you’re downloading is larger than this size, multiple archives will be created.

Step 3: Get your archive

When your archive is created by using one of these options, we’ll email you a link to its location. Depending on the amount of information in your account, this process could take from a few minutes to a few days. Most people get the link to their archive the same day that they request it.

Note: If you’re enrolled in the Advanced Protection Program, your archive will be scheduled for two days in the future.

Source: Google Support forum

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