China in India and India in China Business

As we all know China is the world largest manufacturing hub for all the countries. In this blog, we are sharing the top multinational companies of China exist in India and their impact globally. China in Indian mobile market have impact almost 80%. apart from that other electronics devices like LED, AC and now Cars.

Current export vs import of China from India is as follows:

India’s Export to China $14 billion
India’s Import from China $70 billion

How many Chinese companies in India – Mobile & Electronics

China is the king of the Mobile and electronic gadget market today. All most all the top 10 companies of Mobiles are associated with China. Even which are not those are also manufacturing their product in China.

Top 20 Mobile brands belongs from China in India

Xiaomi (MI)HuaweiMeizuGfive
India vs China

Top Chinese Software & Apps Worldwide

After grown market of the mobile devices. China uses the platform and user database to launch many software and Apps for the world. Chinese companies now watching the future of Social media and mobile apps businesses.

Here is the list of top leading Software and Apps by Chinese giant. Tik Tok is one of the top most popular Social media platform of China. Even now the Byte Dance Tik Tok company planning to move head quarter from china. But still the born in China

UC BrowserWhatscall
Tik TokCheetah Keyboard
Zoom appCM Browser
HeloTap Tap Dash
Vigo VideoBattery Doctor
News RepublicClean Master
PubgCM Backup
WeChatCM Browser
WPS Office 

Heavy Electronics multinational companies of China

In this field also few but effective companies exist from China in global market. These companies already making a mark in terms of low price with top of the quality segments. Products like TV, AC, and Washing Machines, etc.

The list of Heavy electronics companies list:


Top Laptop brands of China

China wins over the full filled hardware and Low priced quality products segments. The Chinese companies know the pinpoint area of the users. Now all the mobile companies are lunching TV as well Laptop globally. These companies launching laptop with all the power pack features enabled.

Some of the laptop you will see looks like Apple Mac book pro and air.

Here is the list of Top Laptop brands from China

Chinese Laptop
Lenovo and Motorola
HUAWEI Honor MagicBook
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air
Infinix Inbook X1
Poco Laptop

Automobiles and Heavy Vehicles

In this segment China yet not dominated worldwide. But recent launch of MG motor in India gets appreciated by all the clients.  Again the power pack with the competitive price makes these brands fastest-selling car for a short while. The new cars going to be launch in Electric segments also.

Hector by MG Motor
GWM (Great Wall Motor)

Chinese funded Company in India

In these days China becomes one of the biggest Start-up fund provider for the world. In India, you can’t imagine all most all the big startup influence by Chinese fund.

HikeGland Pharma
IBIBOBig Basket

Top Imported products / Items from China to India

Where is China not exist in India? Can you imagine except food items everything is being manufactured in China? Even all the top companies of the world From Apple to HP have Direct or contract-based manufacturing plant in China.

Smartphone and other electronic itemsTechnical parts for many industries, chip motherboard etc.
Machinery equipment, engine and pumpsTV, Radio, Rader systems
FertilizersSolar power systems
ChemicalsPrinting machinery
Metal like iron and rods and Steel itemsMiscellaneous machinery
Plastics and its items like toysFootwear, cloths, yarn, statues etc.
Gems, precious metalsMovies and Entertainment Doremon
Medical equipment’sIndustry-Specific Customized Equipment’s

Other Chinese Company products exist in India

Nippon Paint
Beijing Automotive
ZTE Kangun Telecon Company (I) P. Ltd.
Club Factory

India’s Export to China

At the last what we are exporting to China. India’s approx. 8% of the export is going to China. Which is approx. 1 Lac Crore and India importing ever year on year approx. 7 to 8 Lac crore goods from China. The US is one of the Top importers from China as of now.

RiceIron Ores And Concentrates
Gems and JewelleryRefined copper
Chemical & productsCoconuts
Movies and EntertainmentLeather Further Prepared
Cotton YarnFerro-alloys

Is India better than china?

For governance and rules point of view, India is not better than china. Where is china now India takes approx. 20 years from now. Applying any policy and implementation is very difficult in India as compare to china. In India no one can make clear policy for development. In the democracy to implement any policy is very difficult.

China has autocracy they can impose any policy by hook or crook.

India has huge knowledge base but due to lack of opportunity India is behind china. We hope India will grow sharply like software market.


This article we are sharing after seeing many boycott campaign of social media. Can any of the countries the world seriously do Boycott Chines products and Services? I guess it is very difficult for any country to boycott the country who is one of the keys to drive global businesses.

To reach the level of China in manufacturing will take at least 5 years with dedicated plans. Not just saying boycott China or any other country.

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