CD / DVD boot options now become outdated

Questions in mind of a desktop engineer:

How to make a single USB / pen drive to store multiple Bootable OS for Installation?
How to add basic software in the same pen drive which supposes to be installed along with. Like Office Applications, Antivirus and PDF reader.

Now create your first multi bootable Pen drive and forget to bring a bunch of CD/DVD. Follow steps ahead which is resolve your big problem. A Universal boot pen can be build.

YUMI Multi-boot Multi-system Bootable USB Flash Drive

Pendrivelinux Yumi

Create or store ISO files of OS to add in Yumi boot software.

If you not found on the list given from Option 1 you can select other OS.

This will support all application software with ISO formatted

Multiboot USB

Here we are sharing link to download YUMI which relay yummy.


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