Speed up an old computer and laptop

Increase Speed up old Computer and laptop

As we no millions of users worldwide using Computer and laptops in their day to day life. So it is a common issue our old laptop and desktop may perform slow. Due to TEchnolgoy changed.

If you are using any laptop or Desktop here we are helping you to get the speed up computer windows. Keep your Gadget all the time up to date.

Like 7 wonders sharing 7 Tips to Speedup an OLD or New computer or Laptop system.

7 Wonders of Computer System Speed up

Updates OS & Applications: 

Use original OS and keep updated all the OS patches & updates all the time. It will take your time but keeps your PC last long and secure. Not only OS, you need to update your applications like MS office, Adobe reader and other software’s.

Run Anti-virus and check updates:

Speed up an old computer and laptop

To protect from malicious and virus attack you must keep your PC Antivirus protected. Suggest you use reliable Antivirus with real time updates.

Prevent Identity or Data Theft :

Don’t share your personal Financial and social account detail to anybody. Even your close friends asking about. Because data can be theft from his own laptop/desktop.

Turn on Personal Firewalls:

Turn on Firewall of your system, All the windows PCs have its own firewall so keep your firewall always on.

Avoid Spyware/Adware:

Avoid attractive Ads highlighted popups. Sometimes many popups get highlighted on websites with attractive headings. To attracts us & we do click on those links. These links automatically gets saved on your browsers. Such Spyware / Adware track us all day to day activities from the web also gets popup unexpectedly.

Protect Passwords:

Keep your password secure, keep changing your passwords. Don’t use a common password like your name, numbers 1 to 5 or 9 to 1, simple words like ‘welcome’. Always user alphanumeric along with the special character in your password.

Backup Important Files:

Keep always a backup of your important files outside. These days ransomware or cryptovirus attacking. Ransomware you may receive via simple attachment in ms word. Once you click these type of attachments. Your all files get encrypted with security codes. Hacker will ask you pay ransom using cryptocurrency. Take regular backups of your files outside of your desktop / Laptop.


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