Bounce rate is good or bad

Website Bounce rate is good or bad

Bounce rate, a visitor visits your website and view and close the website. Without click anywhere on your page and links. Visitor comes to your website and same time open different website in a different tab is also count bouce.

Now visitor viewing different website but still your website is open. Even still for an hour, your website is open but not viewed this will be also be treated as a bounce. Few websites share information as flash news i.e. weather and share market index websites. Like or so there could be. Such a website will never mind bounce rate.

But if your website is content-based or e-commerce and service related bounce rate are could be a problem for you.

How to improve the bounce rate of the website

Bounce Rate

1. Review your website and observe visitor/human perceptions. lookout website content design. Apart from lookout the products and services which you are offering.

2. Regular visitors to your website can also bounce. If they don’t find updated and meaning full contents on your website.

3. Offers and attractions always attract visitors to ensure about.

4. Optimization of websites is also very impotent aspects. The site should load quickly loading time may because of bounce. If the website is not optimized properly promotion will not work for you.

5. Relevant information: Share relevant information on your website. If you are doing SEO for clothes and apparel and your website is doing service of Furniture and hardware. Than definitely bounce rate go high.

6. Unhappy / bounced visitor will not again revisit your website. Or It will be very difficult to reconnect.  Not make your work difficult review website time to time.

7. Without doing proper planning don’t make your website live.

8. Target based promotion don’t promote your website out of your geography. It will not work means if you are selling fashion wear of youth don’t promote the site for old aged. They will definitely get bounced from your website.

Similarly, if you are doing service in the USA don’t promote your website in China. They will definitely bounce back from your website.

9. Keep your website clean and avoid to integrate popup Ads. I do personally close that website which popup unexpected ads.

10. Temptations – share contents with temptations. Means no one will like your pages if there is nothing special for him/her. If you have temptations like if you like or share this page you and your friends both can win/get rewards and more.

It will increase your website traffic and definitely improve bounce back rating.

How we identify this issue


We are using there is a huge list of such websites like MOZ and Ahrefs. Where you can analyze your website and get the detail about the engagement and bounce back. Sharing a screenshot of our website which helps us to think about.

Even you can get lots of free Bounce back review tools available on the web. We are not writing this article in the air we face the issue and try to dig the cause. Hope this article will help you to resolve your website bounce rate cause and concerns.

Conclusion :

Look for original contents and review market your bounce rate get improved.  Just read and review the above points and definitely, you will get results.

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