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BOSS Linux

BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions) is an Indian GNU/Linux distribution. BOOS is designed and developed to meet Indian user’s requirements in mind. This Operating System supports most of the Indian languages. BOSS is a linux similar to Ubuntu and Kali Linux.

Boss Operating System

Is primary aim was to reduce dependencies over foreign Operating Systems. This OS was first launched  in January 2007. That time it lost ground quickly due to the lack of many things. And not get regularly updates.

Team Befind development of BOSS

C-DAC, DRDO and Gujarat Technological University was actively involved for its development. This OS will be able to support all Indian languages.

Designed for Schools

EduBOSS comes with a set of features which are relevant to primary and secondary school environment, to provide a complete usable Operating System consisting of GUIs and console applications for routine tasks and additional utilities which are useful for teaching/learning in schools.

BOSS for Server environment

BOSS also supports all the advanced servers like Intel and AMD x86-64 architecture. Supports and already available bundled with a web server, proxy server, database server, mail server, network server, file server, SMS server and the LDAP server. BOSS also available various administrative tools as Webmin, Gadmin, PHP my admin, PHP LDAP admin and PG admin.

BOSS for Desktop and laptops.

The latest Release of BOSS version is 7 (Drishti). This OS is coupled with GNOME Desktop Environment 3.22. This release aims to enhance the user experience in desktops and laptops with latest applications.

Boss Linux Features and settings

Is this will be able to make his presence in India at least

BOSS Linux Download

Download your choice of OS and test. Share your feedback to develpment team to get more updates.

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