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As a Blogger, you need to collect the pieces of information. To write valuable content, maintain the ranking of your blog/article. These are important aspects. Keeping a notebook and pen is not enough in this digital era. So here in this article, we tried to collect a few useful apps and website tool. These apps are going to make you writing experiences more useful and effective.

All the following blogger helping tools are going to help you in every step by step. While you do write the content.

Install Evernote either on your computer, on your device, or just access it on a webpage. With Evernote, you’re ready to make notes to stay everything organized. I can have one for my to-do list, one for useful web links and another for books and articles that may inspire me. If you would like to stay your information in a line. Evernote is an ideal app and software to notice down all the task online offline.

Evernote for keeping notes

Take notes anywhere and find the information available in your figure tips faster. Share ideas with anyone i.e Meeting notes, web pages, projects and to-do lists. With Evernote as your note-taking app. Use it and take the benefits of easy and concise features.

Focus on what matters for you to capture your ideas and inspiration. Like in notes now pictures and videos also can be stored in the Evernote app. It will pop up your task and deadlines reminders.

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. This app first introduced on March 20, 2013. Google Keep is available on the web and has mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.

google keep to keep all important notes

Quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document and easily organize or find it later in search. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a thought or list for yourself, and share it with friends and family.

Google is the brand of trust no need any other note recording app. In this app just log in your google id that’s it. Your all the records stored now in google servers like mails, drive and google photos.

Copy blogger is the site of the bible of content marketing. If you want to write a blog or an article for your business promotion and marketing this is the right place for you. More than likely, you’ve seen this site before. I know that I’ve spent a lot of time here learning about how to improve my blog and my writing. Learn how to write compelling works at Copyblogger. And take a look at the sample list for blogs if you’re still a little unsure. No matter what kind of content you’re creating, it’s a great tool for all bloggers to use.

Copylogger a chennal for blogger support

Content is the king or any business. If you want to present digitally in the market of the digital world just have a look at this website.


It’s wonderful that Quora works in a question/answer format. So you’re able to see questions from real people of the worlds. The upvoting feature will let you see how many readers are interested in the answer to a question. This is in order to help you prioritize which ones you should respond to first. Quora is now one of the best Q&A platforms any questions you type in google the first page will come up as Quora. So you can understand the power of Quora. Try to explore the Quora not only for content promotion. This app also meant for communities from different areas.

Quora for Questions and Answers

If we would say the quora is next twitter it would not be wrong but here you don’t have writing limitations. Everybody has a question in mind you will reply to? The answer is Quora. It is true that people from politics to personal gadgets. Every question answer is available in Quora right now. If still, you feel there is no answer that exists for your questions. Just put your questions in quora within a few hours you will see many people will reply to you in a better way.

I got many blog ideas from such websites. Because if you have the answer to any questions that is the blog or article people will like or read.

Hemingway App

Be sure to bookmark Hemingway App as it can help to make your writing flow better for easier reading. If you often feel like your sentences are too long and overly sophisticated. This app will quickly and clearly point out what you can edit. Simply copy your work and paste it into this app. It will evaluate your work and point out the sentences that you can simplify.

Hemingway for good writing

Hemingway app will help you to make your writing bold and clear to understand. Hemmingway will check the spellings and phrases. It makes sure that you’re reader-friendly. Words are our inner thoughts but if these are not properly written than there is no use of writing.

Readability Grade levels Hemingway builds this innovative and useful app. These researchers study how understandable a piece of writing is. Part of that work involves trying to decide which U.S. grade level is required to understand your text.

Example of hemingway

There are many levels available in Hemmingway. Example Readability grade check, write and edit modes and suggested adverbs. The words suggestions for simple, passive voice and text formatting within this app. You can change the writing patterns in a proper way like bold, italic and heading.

The web edition of this app is free but if you want to install windows or Mac OSX is also available. But here you need to pay some charges approx. 20 USD. Using this app direct post your article your choice of website or blog.

Let’s face it: writing is difficult and you might just get tired of doing blogs and posts every day. It certainly takes a lot out of me sometimes, which is why I started using here and there. As a full-time blogger, it is perfect for translation talk to text. Use it to keep your blog sounding like as an actual conversation. To assist you with your ideas if you get a little bit of writer’s block.

Just speak and website and app taking you dictation

Writing is a time-consuming task just speak and write an app will help. Just open the web browser it will start to understand your language and will type the text. Copy the text and make smaller changes that are it.

No personal assistant required anymore for typing work.

It is a great website and tool will help you to correct all the grammatical mistakes. If you go for a paid version will recommend you for the replacement of keywords. We are using this tool for regular blogging on our website Apart from that if you can use its plugin in Ms Word as well in outlook to type the grammar correct sentences. If you are human you can make the mistake its truth. But software has a set of instructions and a dictionary to read and suggest the correct word and phrases. Grammarly going to help your day to day silly mistakes.

Grammarily a tool for grammar check

Digital writing assistant Grammarly helps us to write clear and effective articles. This is a complete machine learning and deep learning app. This is one of the most innovative AI-based app designed for Writers. Grammar is the key to effective communication so Grammarly goes to help you every step.

The Grammarly app is free for use in web-based chrome plugin also for world and outlook plugin.

One of the best websites which our team do regular using for different type requirements. Like Plagiarism check, Grammar check, content rewrite spell check and many other tools. A bunch of available free or paid apps for use on this website. Apart from these content-based features you can also optimize and resize images. If you are planning for an article or a blog must visit this website. This website specially built for you.


Top categories of tools available as follows:

Text content tools: Plagiarism checker, article rewriter, word counter, grammar check, etc.

Image Editing Tools: Create an image as required like reverse image search, logo maker, compression and favicon generator.

Keywords Tools: webmaster SEO, keywords density checker, keywords suggestions,


Backlink tools: Backlink checker, backlink maker, weblink count, website broken link checker etc.

Website management Tools: Website SEO Score, Google PageRank checker, page speed test, XML Generator, Minify CSS and website checker etc.

Tracking Tools: Link Tracker, Check server status, Alexa Rank comparison, page compression and check social status.

Proxy Tools: What is my IP, IP Location, Free Daily Proxy list

Domain Tools: Domain Age checker, Domain Authority checker, check blacklist and domain rating check.

Meta Tag Tools: Meta Tags Analyser, Meta tag generator.

Password Management tool: Password Encryption Utility, Password Strength checker and password Generator.

Online PDF Tools: Merge PDF, Unlock PDF, PDF to doc and compress PDF.

Development Tools: JSON Viewer, JSON Formatter, JSON Editor.

Unit Converter Tools: Unit converter, Time Calculator, Speed Converter and area converter.


All the above app and website we are using personally these are not relevant to any promotion of these apps. The above apps and websites are very useful for us and us agar to share the feedback and features.

Feedback: Share your valuable feedback about these apps and tools.

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