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In this era without the internet, we can’t imagine the world. Internet web Browsers is the gateway to use Internet of things (IOT). Without a browser, search engines have nothing to do. The best browser for windows we have picks from peoples review and our experiences.

Introduction of Web Browser

Web Browsers is the key element to access the www (World Wide Web). We do access all the websites using this software/application. This brings in front of you all the information in the form of Text, Image, and videos. The web browser like converters all the HTML / PHP codes into readable form. Example it would like a television your set-top box brings signals. Without TV you can’t view these pictures and videos in graphic mode.

Microsoft Edge is the best Web browser for windows

As the tag line of Microsoft Edge Browser is “A fast and secure way to get things done on the web”. An extension of the tag Microsoft tried to improve the browsing experiences. The Microsoft Edge browser is available for iOS and Android Operating System. Here we go explore more about the Microsoft Edge.

Key features of Microsoft Edge

Browse Easily:
Microsoft Edge allows you to keep all the open tab. You can restore the same whenever required. Means no mesh of open tab in your browser anymore open as you go.

Quick access in Microsoft Edge

Browse Efficiently

Now browse the websites quickly and efficiently it will save your power and time to load. As per Microsoft shared comparison sheet shows. The Microsoft Edge browser uses less battery while you are using this. So now your laptop battery time and energy-saving help you.

Here is the social message comes up Save energy save the environment”.  The Microsoft Edge team measured the time it took matched with 2 parallel laptops. The team test different browser on fully charged batteries. When you stream HTML5 video in full-screen mode.  

The best browser in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge lets check why?

Compared result of Web Browser Edge vs Chrome vs Firefox
Microsoft Edge lasts up to 41% longer than the Chrome browser
Microsoft Edge lasts up to 92% longer than Firefox

Longest battery life using Microsoft Edge browser

If you have any dought just go through this link. There is more detail available for you how and what the team tested to dig this information out. Run-time and power consumption detailed data was collected by running “powercfg /spr”.

Browse Safely

NSS lab is the threat and vulnerability research-based organization. It lends itself to addressing the harder problems of information security. They had already shared a document which shows Microsoft Edge is more secure. For more detail, you may go through this documentation. Protecting against socially engineered malware (SEM) and phishing attacks.

Web browser with the security enabled

This independent global tests evaluating how effective are our browsers. This is protecting against socially engineered malware (SEM) and phishing attacks.

Browse confidently

Microsoft Edge team tried to put in place new innovating features. These will help you to be more productive on the web.

Browse confidently

Features and Tips for Microsoft Edge Browser:

  • Microsoft Design to stay your browsing experiences updated, Productive, Organized and Secure. 
  • Quickly gets to kinds of stuff like toolbar enables your choice of quick link i.e Favourites, Add note and share this page.
  • Stop autoplay of any video on edge browser. Sometimes we see few of videos gets automatically played once we load the website. This feature will restrict to autoplay such type of videos.
  • Improve focus while you go for browsing – Highlight the things which you want to be readable or focused.
  • Check the meanings of all the word which you are reading. This will help you whenever you are reading an ebook. Also, you can download an offline dictionary for offline uses.
  • Themes in Microsoft Edge – this browser allows you to select your choice of theme.
  • The auto form-fill option allows you to when allows to Edge browser to remember your name and other information for future uses.
  • PDF and EBooks – Mark in a pdf and eBook to highlights the text and make a note for future reference.
  • Highlight and note the text
  • Personalize your extension to get quick access to your favourite’s links.
  • Pin this to taskbar shortcut for your choice of website. Go to setting and more (…) and pin this page to the taskbar.
  • Print the web contents without advertisement and mess of unwanted text. You will get their option print clutter-free.
  • Browse from your smartphone and start continue browsing using Windows 10 Pc.
  • Microsoft Edge can read PDFs, e-books, and website content out loud to you. Go through Reading aloud option

Enable security feature to protect browsing

Change Website permissions: Few sites may ask you for permission to access your location or webcam. Or send you desktop notifications, among other things.

Disallow flash to get longer battery life: To improve performance and battery life, Microsoft Edge automatically blocks some Flash content. Like ads or intrusive animations. You can allow the same as per your requirements.

Clear your browsing history: To clear your browsing history and Cookies. Select More > Settings > Privacy & security > Choose what to clear under Clear browsing data.

Disallow annoying pop-ups: By default, Microsoft Edge browser will block pop-ups ongoing. Just allow or disallow as per your requirements. Go to Settings > Privacy & security and see that Block pop-ups are on.

Browse privately in Edge

When you use InPrivate tabs, your browsing data (History and cookies, or temporary files) will not get stored in your browser/device. Go to more (…) New in Private Window option.

Browsing inPrivate
Browsing inPrivate
This is one of the unique features of Microsoft Edge.

Secured by design:

Microsoft Edge helps protect you from phishing and malicious apps. And it is one of the best browsers which work more securely with Windows defender. If you are using windows Pc just go with Edge browser to be protected and safe.

Internet browser vs Microsoft Edge:

Internet Explorer 11 is the final version of the Internet Explorer web browser. After the year 2013, no new version of IE launched.
Even yet Internet explorer exists in all the windows operating system. If we say Microsoft Internet Explorer is now is obsolete it would not be wrong.
Microsoft continuously trying to improve the Edge browser. To compete for the market. And yes Microsoft Edge is more secure fast and reliable. After massive improvements, it is better than Internet explorer.

Tough completion of Microsoft Edge with the Web browser

1. Google Chrome – It is now become number one because of its features and regular updates. Google Chrome becomes more popular after Android users massively increased. There is no scope for Microsoft Edge. The android default browser is Chrome browser. Chrome browser available for all the Operating Systems like Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux.

2. Mozilla Firefox – Mozilla is an open-source browser is the second browser of the world which is getting used more. Available for all the popular Operating system.

Chrome and Firefox are more popular as compared to Microsoft Edge. People are in the comfort zone of this two browser. So even though Microsoft Edge have huge and effective features. But still very tough to become Number 1.


Microsoft Edge has now enabled many productive and security majors. But users maybe not aware of these features. In this article, we tried to summarize the features which will help you to use choose a reliable browser. All the browser have many features just review which suites you.

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