Being healthy can makes you wealthy

Life is precious don’t spoil this to achieve your goals. 
You get this life once only. Keep remembering this always. 

Quit smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol may harm your heart, you may face issues of mental health and body related.

Smoking personal, not his own smoking he also sharing smokes to family, colleagues, and environment.

Alcohol extracts your inner thoughts and bad habits out of the bottle. Few people even forget his own family and friends starts abusing without any reason.

Eat healthy foods

Try to eat less but good and healthy foods which will improve your overall health.  Avoid taking fat rich food these days fat becomes a root cause of many diseases. Healthy food will reduce your heart disease also your face will charm. Means your age will not affect. As we know ‘An apple in a day keeps doctors away’ it works. Take healthy meals result will appear just in a month. Age 30 looks 20 can be possible if you manage your healthy diet. Try to increase sources of high fibre foods.

Advantages of healthy food in points:
i. It will easy to digest and will give you the required energy to live.
ii. Healthy food will reduce heart disease as many articles mentioned on google.

Exercise do regularly

Regular exercise will increase your stamina, strength, and efficiency to do any work without getting tired.

Exercise do regularly

If you don’t have time to do exercise just try to do your all works like bringing a water bottle, Tea/coffee in the office, take a walk after having lunch in the office. Hope you know the quotes ‘Busy personal can only extract time from his busy schedule’ just think about it.

Reduce your excess weight

Lose your excess weight monitor your weight in a weekly/monthly basis, also monitor your diet and exercise which are the main source of your heavy weight gain. Reduce your excess weightRevamp your lifestyle it will help to improve your health as well the source of wealth.

Try to Reduce stress

Note ‘We all gets a life once’ just live it with full / half of joy at least. If your boss arguing for unnecessary thinks just ignore the arguments.

Try to Reduce stress

Think about ’Empty vessels make more noise’ don’t take the stress of others to your own shoulders. Such stress will spoil you and your family health also. Sometimes we do fight in the road with a person to whom we don’t ever meet before, for just a small scratch in our car. And note the whole day we and he both are distracted due to that fight even though some people never forget such events means we take a negative injection in our body.

  • Do yoga regularly it will help you be calm and peace in your life.
  • Spend time with your kids
  • Do charity works
  • Spend time with your pet
  • Go for outings once a month
  • Do worship of god at morning or evening Note: we are not expert for medical or health-related advice we have taken data from different sources. before going to implement these habits in your life do more research around.

Conclusion :

As we know our life is these days too much busy using gadgets and workaholic habits. Even I am writing this blog, but facing some problems due to bad habits like not going for a regular morning walk. And leaving gadgets for a while.

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