Basic important Things need to run the quality computer

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Internal Things for a computer System


Motherboard of a computer system

The motherboard is one of the important parts of a Computer System. This is the pitch where all the player stands, and play/perform their task. All the Circuits/components get connected in the Motherboard. Like the Central Processing Unit (CPU), RAM, and different types of connectors. And input-output devices.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is a small chip which process task inside a computer System. CPU gets connected in the central area of the motherboard. It consists of 2 sub- categorized units Control (CU) unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). CPU works as a brain for computers. This consists small chip which controls and process all the task efficiently.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM does process and stores ongoing data. And activity to be performed quick and fast. A random-access memory device allows data items to be read or written. Its stores/ buffer of data in It. To get a quick response we recommend to increase the RAM. RAM stores a small piece of data all the time and quickly remove and replace the same.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Is storage where you can put store your prices data. This developed with the equipment of Electro-Magnetic. This store data block wise in a Hard disk. Without a hard disk, you can’t imagine a Desktop machine. All the applications and operating system get installed and saved in this part of a machine. Hard disk stores all the data permanently.

SMPS (switched-mode power supply)

This does supply Power as per the requirements of all the chip and parts. Which are connected with Motherboard? This control high/low frequencies. We can say SMPS control power input requirements of a computer system.

Power supply of a computer system


HDD, DVD, USB port as and Speakers are also important parts of a Computer system. In motherboard, there is already socket available to install Graphics cards, Lan cards and Sound cards additional.

External Things for a Computer System


The cabinet is the outer body of a CPU. The structure of a Cabinet generally designed for universal Motherboard compatibility. Cabinet comes these days inbuilt connected SMPS and switches and cooling fans. 


A monitor is a Display unit where we get the result as an output. Without Monitor can’t imagine Computer System. In the market different types of Monitors available. Top brands are HP, Samsung, LG, Acer and Dell.

Computer monitor and Speakers

Mouse and Keyboard

Mouse and keyboard are input devices for a Computer system. Without Mouse and keyboard, you will not able to perform any task as per your desire. The top model is Logitech and Microsoft.

Additional things to Run a computer

Speakers: Speaker is extra requirements for a user. If you love to listen to music or working for Audio video and graphics related projects. Then you need to buy Speakers.  Top brands are creative, Logitech and JBL.

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply): If you are using a desktop you must buy a UPS. UPS to protect your desktop machine for interruption of a power cut. The top brand is APC and Luminous.

Printers & Scanner: This is not a necessity for the desktop buyer to buy a Printer or scanner. It depends only as per requirements. Top brands of Printer Scanner are HP and Canon.

Printers & Scanner

Camera: The Camera required for a video call or chatting. There is a requirement of the Camera.  For Video shooting, it is very important. These days YouTubers are increasing. Without a camera, you will not able to share/upload videos on your YouTube channel. 


Headphones: Like Camera, headphone needs is also important for the Music lover. If you are shooting a video for YouTube and playing Video games headphone is a must.

More inputs about Computer Systems

Basic Computer System Cost would be approx. $400. If you are planning to buy a desktop go with branded one instead assembled PC. The branded system is already tested by Companies to meet market expectations.  Top Desktop brands HP, Dell, Lenovo and Acer.


In general Desktops, life is always more reliable as compared to Laptops. As per our observation by performance and parts and service. The desktop prices are 60% lower as compared to a laptop. If you are planning to buy a laptop for your kids don’t buy. Procure a Desktop for kinds.

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