AutoSave in MS office o365

The autosave feature in MS office used to save the changes of a file which is not yet saved or progress of work mode. Many times, as human being we do forget to save a document. In this case, this facility will help us to recover the file. This feature will help you sometime accidentally a system shut down. Due to power fluctuation or system hardware faults.

AutoSave Document

Autosave is off unable to on

In the latest Ms office, O365 as see there is power Autosave option is default off. And It may ask you many questions for enabling this feature. As per my own system, it shows me “Just upload the file. we’ll save your changes as they happen in OneDrive”.  Or will ask you to login using Microsoft account to save the file in One Drive.

How do I turn on AutoSave

How to set location to save for autosaved file

Generally, all the autosave option will be default as enabled in your Ms office applications example Ms Word and Excel. But in some instance, if your autosave button showing off just follow steps.

Step -1: Go to the “File” menu after that Click on “Options” screenshot taken from Office 365 MS word application.

Options in O365

Step -2: Go to options will show you a lot of options to manage as per our requirement. In this article, we are not exploring other feature except “Save” option – if you want to save the AutoSave file in local machine remove the first tick

  • AutoSave OneDrive and SharePoint online files by default
AutoSave oneDrive and Sharepoint

We have now plenty of option to setup AutoSave features. AutoSave location setup i.e local machine or in the cloud (OneDrive or Sharepoint)

  • Schedule of Autosave frequency by default it is showing 10 minutes. This is the option where we can set the time when Office doc starts to save a copy of the file to hazards recovery of AutoSave file.
AutoRecover set time10
  • Keep a version of the file for recovery of the unsaved closed file. Default location showing C:\users\it1\AppData\Roamin\Microsoft\Word\ we have the freedom to change this default location for Autosave files. We have the option to set our own location to keep backup for any time acerbity.
Recovery location
  • In MS office we can select many other formats of the file to save the documents by selecting the following option. As you can see the list of more than 10 types of Ms word files formats available to save an autosaved file.
MsWord different file formats

In this feature by default file format will be .docx. Means all your AutoSaved file format will docx only.

  • You can enable to save all the AutoSave files in your computer instead of online using OneDrive or Share Point. Needs to enable/check “Save to Computer by default”. Option highlighted as follows:
Save location for AutoSave files

Using all the above steps we have just explored how to turn on autosave in MS Office.

Now the time to recover the file in the same way. The file is saved as autosave. Copy the above-saved location i.e C:\users\it1\AppData\Roaming\Micorosoft\Word  “AutoRecover file location”, copy the path. Copy the path and open the same in your Windows Explorer.

auto saved file location in a pc

Your file will get available in the following area.

Recap Ms Office AutoSave features and uses

  • In this article, we explore how to enable AutoSave option
  • Where to save the Autosaved files a file location to recover the file
  • Timestamp means what the frequency you want to set up for recovery of a file

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