ATM frauds prevention tips

ATM Fraud & Prevention Tips

Maybe you also received this mail many times from your banker. Reason to share this list to remind you about ATM fraud happening around us.

Your hard earn money can be a swap instantly

Points for ATM / Debit / Credit Card Security

  1. Sometimes instead of remembering, we do not write our ATM PIN on the card or in an open area. Try to memorise your PIN number or write in any secure area which is accessible by you only. Don’t mention in detailed manner i.e. HSBC bank Pin Number: 1234 and Card Number 1234 1234 1234 4355 methods.
  2. Avoid taking help from strangers while using ATM don’t ever hand over your card to anyone for using it. If you give an ATM card even to your spouse, any fraud happens bank will not entertain your issue.
  3. Don’t disclose your ATM PIN to anyone, including bank employees and family members too.
  4. Open your eyes while you making payment using ATM card and keep POS machine sight when you are making a payment.ATM Cards
  5. Use your ATM transactions in complete privacy, ensure nobody is seeing your ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) while you are making any transactions.
  6. After completion of transaction ensure that welcome screen is displayed again. Means don’t leave ATM without getting completed your transaction.
  7. Keep your Bank registered mobile always with you, to validate amount deduction through SMS. So that you can get alerts for all your transactions at the time.
  8. Beware of suspicious movements of people around the ATM or strangers trying to engage you in conversation. Be conscious keep your eyes and ear open.
  9. Check before inserting ATM card on a machine if there is any suspicious devices/chip attached into the slot of ATM.
  10. Inform the bank if the ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, immediately, report if any unauthorised transaction happening. Or you can block your card using net banking also.
  11. If cash is not withdrawn report immediately concern banks toll-free number. Mostly cases number will be available around the machine or on notice board.

Source: received emails from the bank.

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