Apple Gadgets Quality and Status

Apple is a global brand with selective top class products and services. The company always take time to launch products and services. Steve Jobs was the father of Apple Inc. Even though these days apple market share of Mobile a little bit down due to Chinese counterpart. But still, Apple is the No.1 Company by revenue and 2nd in position global mobile sale.

Who is the user of Apple Device?

As per our personal experiences people like to move from Android to Apple. But the percentage of Apple user’s base movement to Android mobile is less. Apple Gadgets have Quality and Status in the market. Apple works for Status with quality of services. Apple customers generally not bother for money which they spend to buy a device. We are sure that if you are using any Android mobile device once you use Apple you will not switch back.

Apple products and Services a glance ahead

iPad a Tablet – Apple launched its 1st iPad in the year 2010 after that Students to Corporate SEO’s are using iPad. In USA apple is the top company whose product is getting used. So Apple iPad is one of them. If you are looking for the product with the combination of laptop and Mobile. Buy an iPad and Apple make Tablet. Latest Apple tablet (iPad) is iPad Pro.

Mac is a Personal Computer – If you are a designer, Animator, and Videographer needs a quality PC. These professions required performance base machines go for Mac-based Desktop. For Student, Professional and business owner. Apple designed a quality range of products like Apple book air to Apple book pro.

MacBook Pro

iPhone a Smartphone –Phone no need any introduction. After the first launch of Apple Smartphone apple never looks back. In the USA every 1 out of three using Apple Smartphone. The recent smartphone is iPhone XS.

iPhone Xs Max

Watch a Smartwatch – Apple watch was the first launched in the year 2015. After that every year Apple launched a fresh version of Smartwatch. Apple watch not only used for a time watching. You can monitor health. Check your Activity, Instant notifications, make a call and Connect. This can be paired with different Apple devices. The latest Apple watch device is Apple watch series 4.

Apple Watch

TV Digital Entertainment box – Apple TV 4K is the most immersive way to take in the Apple TV experience. With 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos sound, it’s cinematic in every sense. The cable and premium channels you want. Thousands of movies to buy or rent. Popular streaming services. And coming later this year, original shows and movies from Apple TV+.

Apple Music a Music and Video Streaming App – This is one of the best music and video streaming app. This is available for both iOS as well as Android devices. Just download and listen to quality music from around the world. Listen to music old and latest all available in this app. You can paid to subscribe apple music for exclusive rights music and videos.

Apple Music

Apple Accessories for all the Gadgets – Apple recommends you to use branded Apple accessories for their products. Even their cost will be a little higher but by quality and performance will never let you down. Like Charger, Headphone and batteries.

Combination of Apple Hardware and iOS

iOS is a mobile Operating System is a proprietary of Apple Inc. The first launch of Ios in the year 2007 that was the year the revolution begin for mobile devices. Apple developed this Operating System, especially for Apple device hardware. Within a short time, the Apple Store-like Play store was available thousands of iOS apps. For more than 5-year Apple was in the top operating system for mobile. But last few years back Android become No.1. IOS can’t be installed or run other mobile devices that are the one reason behind not being in No.1 position.

Apple devices work awesome even you are using 1 GB of ram based apple device. In other hands, if you are using Android mobile with 2-3 GB ram they will not perform like apple devices.


Apple is the world’s most trusted brand for the customer as of now. Many companies are struggling to retain business but Apple is still able to be in the top. Apple product are costly and they charge you high for quality of high products. But their device life is also double as compared to other smartphone devices.

Quality gives you peace of mind for a long go at a high price.

Inferiority is available with low price and long go pain.

Choices are yours’s

Source: Wikipedia and Apple

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