An Electric bike – Revolt – a rise for revolution

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A bike built for the next generation

India is one of the biggest markets for the electric market in the coming years. So who comes first may be the market winner in this technology. Even we see a few years back Ather electric scooter has been launch in Bangalore. And people in Bangalore already liked it much. But the bikes have different demand and market segment.

Here we are exploring about the company and its business plans.

Revolt Motors is the next-gen mobility company, created for the smart world. The technology Revolt now has been introduced India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle with a class of performance.

‘If you run for good cause god help you to grow’ we appreciate this innovation which will help save the earth. No need to fill the petrol from the petrol pump just go home and plug your bike in the morning it would be ready for the ride.

Revolt bikes

Innovator never get a stop

Rahul Sharma, Founder of Revolt Motors takes the stage to introduce the new RV400. Hope you had listened to the name of this executives. Yes, he is a co-founder of Micromax now comes with revolt.

Model of Revolt bikes and specifications:

Model RV300 RV400 available  Base and Premium
Type Pure Electric Pure Electric
Brakes(CBS) Front Disc(240mm) / Rear Disc(180mm) Front Disc(240mm) / Rear Disc(240mm)
Tyres Front – 90/80-17, Rear – 110/80-17 Front – 90/80-17, Rear – 120/80-17
Front Fork Upside Down Forks Upside Down Forks
Rear Suspension Adjustable Monoshock Monoshock(Adjustable)
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Voltage/Wattage 60V, 2.7kWh 72V, 3.24KWh
Charging Time 0-75% in 3 Hours And 0-100% in 4.2 Hours 0-75% in 3 Hours And 0-100% in 4.5 Hours
Motor 1.5KW (Hub Motor) 3KW (Mid Drive)
Weight 101Kg 108Kg
Wheel Base 1320mm 1350mm
Seat Height 826mm 814mm
Carrying Capacity 2 Persons/Maximum 150Kg 2 Persons/Maximum 150Kg
Lighting LED Head Lamp(Projection for High beam), Tail Lamps And Indicators (All LED) LED Head Lamp(Projection for High beam), Tail Lamps And Indicators (All LED)
Ground Clearance 225mm 215mm
Range 180kms(Eco Mode), 110kms(Normal Mode), 80kms(Sports Mode) 150kms(Eco Mode), 100kms(Normal Mode), 80kms(Sports Mode)
Price 1.10 lakh Approx 1.30 lakh Approx

Specification take from official website*

Easy plan to by revolt bikes

Buy revolt bikes with easy installment which will not give stress to your pocket.

Revolt bike emi plans

Battery and it’s capacity

The battery of the bike has been selected by keeping all the facts of bikes and Indian roads and difficulties. The battery is going to be used is waterproof, shockproof, and all-weather compatible. Means it has been tested also during 47 degrees of Delhi/ NCR weather it is Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI standards).

AI-enabled Revolt bike

India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle you can monitor your bikes Geolocation. Change the voice and sound of bikes using a mobile-based app. Switch on and off your bike using the mobile app. Use Myrevoltapp explore the add-on features and updates about your bikes.

Don’t expect from others just start from your house:

We always encourage people to go for good so this is an initiative which will save your money and environment too. Even though it would be a little higher in the price just look ahead of your next generation. Maybe if we go in the same way the future will be very difficult to survive. Even your children’s will not take a breath without air purifier and oxygen cylinders

Challenges of Electric Bikes and Scooters

The electric segment of bikes and cars is sound good but still in India it is a big challenge to start. Power charging station shortage is one of the biggest problems. Traffic jam which maybe gives you a big problem if you go with less charge. Long route travel is not possible because charging still takes around 4 hours to fully charge.

Highlights of the bike

Comfortable seats: never let you down for comforts.
Safety: Disk Breaks, Battery will come with Touch Safe, Easily portable to replace and weatherproof. No need to worry
Sounds of your choice – Revolt, Rage, Rebel and Roar

Revolt battery

Reliable and comfortable charging Ecosystem

  • Onboard charging: This is the most convenient way to charge the battery. Just plug the charger into a standard 15 Amp power socket. Your work is done to wait for 3-4 hours. or it will auto cut the power input.
  • Charge it like your phone- Charge it like a mobile or laptop just bring the battery with you and charge it at our bedroom.
  • Grab energy within seconds – If you are on the move and the low battery indicator is on, you can visit the nearest Revolt Switch Station through the MyRevolt app and exchange your drained-out battery for a fresh one in no time.
  • Doorstep delivery battery delivery within 90 minutes If you don’t have any above options available (Here are conditions applied for delivery)

Conclusion :

We would recommend personally to use electric because the future is electric. It will save our lives will also help us to reduce pollution. You may look for an electric bike if your travel is less around 40-50 km per day it would be the best choice.  

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