Alphabet is the parent Company of Google now

The Alphabet is a parent company of Google Inc. Google have companies, Division and Products which covered all the Alphabets of English. If you are talking about Technology google is on the top. Therefore we decided to share about Google Alphabet knowledge base.

Alphabet is parent of Google
AlphabetAlphabet a parent company of Google and other Brands subsidiaries.
AAndroid / AdSense / Analytics / Ara / AdMob / Alerts
BBlogger / Boston Dynamics / Books
CCalico / Cardboard / Capital / Contact lenses
DDrive / DeepMind / Design / DoubleClick
EEarth / Express
FFiber / Fi / Flights / FeedBurner / Firebase / Finance
GGoogle (duh) / Gmail / Glass / Groups
IImages / Ingress / Inbox / Invite Media
LLocal / Loon
MMaps / My Business / Makani
NNexus / News / Now / Nest
PPlus / Play / Photos / Picasa / Pixate / Patents / Primer
Q[Nexus] Q
RRefine / reCaptcha
SSearch / Self-driving car / Shopping / SageTV / Stackdriver / Skybox / Skia / Scholar
TTranslate / Tango
UURL shortener
VVoice / Ventures / VirusTotal / Video
WWear / Wallet / Web Toolkit / Wing
XGoogle X labs
ZProject Zero / Zagat


No one is in the world of Technology who is not using Alphabets products and services in any mode. If you have knowledge about Alphabets few products you can change your life. Nothing else you need to learn to improve your career.

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