Adobe InDesign working slow on old files.

Problem of Adobe InDesign CC Issue: While we are working in InDesign file with by default Advanced selected workspace, file not responding/working properly. After choosing Classic option there is no issue. But shifting Classic to Advanced and advanced to classic shifting is not possible for us all the time. It is time taking process.

Resolutions for Adobe InDesign Working slow:

Option 1: Go through the given knowledge base provided by adobe hope it will resolve your issues. But in our case after performing all the process still the same issue persists.,a%20backup%20of%20the%20folders.

Option 2: Sluggish behavior of InDesign for specific files. We performed the below steps: –

Steps to Reset Preference in InDesign:

In Windows:

•Go to Run -> Type “Appdata” -> local-> Adobe-> Adobe InDesign -> Version19.1 -> rename the folder en_US, en_US.old

• Go to “Appdata” -> roaming-> Adobe-> Adobe InDesign -> Version [ ]-> rename the folder en_US, en_US.old .

•Launch InDesign and check.

And That’s it the problem related to slow-moving cursor issue resolved for us.!

What is the reason of slow-moving cursor issue Adobe InDesign CC latest version:

  1. After using different files and different type of fonts some time they give compatibility issue
  2. Old and corrupted fonts give you problem to load the feature and functions properly.
  3. Even after reinstallation of InDesign CC it will not resolve your problems.
  4. First steps you need to reset the preferences of any Adobe product once in a month to resolve your lacking issues.

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