Adobe file gets closed automatically after a few seconds

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Sometimes we see when you do start Adobe from the Start button of Windows. You may get and error in Adobe Acrobat XI (a PDF file opener) to stay up for about 10-15 seconds. The application will get closed / shutdown without any indications and error message or anything on the screen.

Adobe Acrobat Reader XI

Once you start to open different files you will get the same issue again.

Primary steps we will take as follows:

But if none of the above steps helping you to resolve the issue. Now you need to reinstall the Adobe reader again in your machine. But existing downloaded setup you do install first. In some cases this issue even not get resolved if you do install old version or existing version of Adobe Reader.

Resolve the actual error of Adobe Automatic close/shutdown

Type in google or big search adobe reader download very first link of adobe website you need to click. Or Click Here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Download Acrobat Reader DC

In the above screenshot, you need to uncheck the red circled checkbox. And then download adobe reader latest version as circled in blue colour.

You will get a small utility/installation software that will download rest of complete adobe reader setup. Finally, you will get the software installed and your all bugs/errors related to adobe files get resolved.


One of our engineers get this query from the client-side and we thought it may help the community. This blog website is crafted for self-help purposes. Hope you will grasp the knowledge to resolve your queries.

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