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If you are a blogger tourist this blog for you. A tourist blogger needs to keep accessories handy for starting their journey. Just make your notebook ready and add the accessories requirement checklist.

Accessories Requirements for a Tour Blogger

Smartphone / Tablet with all the accessories: Smartphone is one the important gadget for your travelling plan. The smartphone will help you to go for Travel booking, Location tracking, Local help, Local shopping and facilities access. The all the basic requirement can be mange by using a smartphone. Apart from this if can take beautiful pictures and can note down quality content for your blog.

DSLR Camera: If you are a photo / Video blogger this is the necessity for you to bring a DSLR camera with additional power and SD card. You can’t capture a beautiful landscape picture using mobile. Expert blogger looks for quality. We recommend you to add in DSLR Camera in baggage. If you want to avoid High-end heavyweight camera just go for traveller cameras like GoPro and Gimbal.

Diary and Pen: If you are Traveller or any type of blog writer, a diary and pen are important tools for you. Blogger without a Diary and pen is incomplete. Diary and pen to note down the important places and facts about destiny.

Laptop: Laptop is a multipurpose gadget for a tourist blogger. A laptop helps us to finalize an article or video blog. Using mobile or a tablet we can’t do update big changes and formatting in our blog and video. To use conventionally laptop is useful. It depends on your travel plan for keeping a laptop with you or not. Suggested to bring always light-weighted gadgets to minimize the weight of Tourist accessories.

Accessories for a Tour blogger

Missing Accessories requirement for a Tourist

Few more accessories you may carry with you. These accessories will help you to make your travel convenient.

Shoes: Always try to collect sports with lightweight shoes for a travel plan. Shoes should be durable and reliable.

Medical Kit:  If you are planning to travel in a remote/rough rock location never forget to bring Medical kit. Ensure that First Aid kit is available with you all the time. Ensure to include regular taking medicine in the box.

Sunglasses: Generally, when you go outside an unknown place, there could be a different atmosphere. Example: If you are travelling in hilly or rocky areas there will be sun rays may come direct and bright. For the Dusty location, Sunglasses will help you protect from dust.

Water bottle: Without water and air life is not possible. Rest you can understand the necessity of the water. If you are planning for tracking Water bottle is must to carry. Few places we see that the cost of a water bottle will be higher as compared to the local market. To carry your own water bottle save money along with life.

Maps: These days Google maps can help you on go but few places you will see there is no network and GPS accessible. So, we suggest you take a hard copy printout of the map with pre-planned remarks. 

Summer and winter Dresses: Ensure that you are prepared about the nature of your destiny! As I do personally feel when last time, I do visit a hill station by assuming the nature would be like a metro city was totally surprised. At the morning when I reached the hotel everyone was covered with a soul/blanket. My T-shirt ware useless in that situation. Always bring Summer and winter dresses in your luggage.

Local Guide: Sometimes we visit an unknown place where is different culture and locality. So, suggest looking for a local guide. A local guide will help you more than google. A local guide will share your deep information about the place. You can include facts and information in your Blog with the help of a local Guide.

Travel mode: Try to choose a convenient tour mode. Bring tour kits like Compass, Sunglasses, Travel Pillow and Eye Mask.

Makeup and Beauty: If you are a Vlogger your face is very important. Ensure to keep all the cosmetic and moisturizer cream which will not affect your look and face.

More Add-on accessories for A tourist Blogger:

  • Handbag
  • Undergarment
  • Napkins
  • Slipper / shoe extra
  • Shaving kit
  • Selfie stick
  • Power bank
  • Socks
  • Headphone
  • Travel blankets
  • Travel lights / Torch
  • Hat / Scarf
  • Credit Card and Hard cash

These additional accessories will help you any time on the tour. You should not avoid these tiny accessories.


Travelling is always giving us expended experiences about the world. We all do travel for personal and professional way. In this blog, we tried to make your travel more convenient to achieve your goal.  

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